Friday, April 2, 2010

Have you moved over with me?

I've officially moved over to the new site.
  • Have you been able to sign up with the new email subscription?
  • Can you find the deals as good or better?
  • Do you like the changes? 
  • Anything need to be changed to make it better for you?
No promises.  But you all are the ones who have been reading for a while, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Did you see that you can even follow on Facebook?

See you!

Monday, March 29, 2010

reallifedeals is down!

Ugh...... Right now is down.  Sorry folks.  I don't know what is going on.  I think the newspaper is working on the image header etc.  I hope!  But no problem..... I'm still posting the deals on the facebook page.  Just log in to your facebook count and type in Reallifedeals.  There you go!  More great savings even while the blog is down! 

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Email sign up ready on the new blog

Thanks to the hard work from the people at AMNews, I now have email sign up option on my new blog! That means you can click here to become a subscriber. Now every day you should receive one email with a list of all the money-saving deals that I’ve posted for the last 24 hours.

See you over there at!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lowes Build and Grow Clinic - Basketball Game

Need something fun to do this weekend with your kids?

Lowes is having another Build & Grow Clinic - FREE of course. It's a classic toy that we all grew up with! Bring your child in this week and they can build this cool Kaleidoscope!  March 27 from 10-11.

Click here to sign up.

Each child receives a free apron and a patch from each clinic that you can sew on their apron.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just a reminder -

Hey folks......
Just wat to remind you that I've moved to a new name and new address.!
I've been blogging over there just as regularly as I blogged here.  So if you have a bookmark on your homepage, change it to Real Life Deals!  I'm still working on getting the email subscription changed over to the new site!

See you over there at


Monday, March 22, 2010

The new blog - Some answers to your questions.....

Here's some of the questions I'm getting about the move to a new blog.
  1. Is still Sharon's blog?  YES!  All I'm doing is changing names so you can have a shorter web address.  This will make it easier for you to remember where to go on the internet for great savings!
  2. Is Sharon getting paid for the new blog?  No.  I'm still just me!  Not getting a pay check or any monetary benefit from switching.  I am partnering with the Danville newspaper - Advocate Messenger to make this new blog come alive and will eventually have a link from the website.  But I am not going on staff at the newspaper.
  3. Is going to disappear?  Kind of.......The blog address you go to for daily deals called hereshatifound is just changing names.  That address is a huge mouthful and hard to remember so the new name Real Life Deals just makes life easier.
  4. Is the new blog going to have lots of advertisements and be tough to find my coupon links?  Definitely not!!!  I promise to not 'sell out' to advertisers.  I do hope to periodically tell you about certain businesses and companies that are saving me money and offer you special discounts!
So come on over to my new blog -!

(I'm still working on getting the email signup active!)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Where is Sharon?????

Are you wondering why there are no new posts yet today?  That's because I've moved!  Remember? 
I'm now at  Same blog - new name. 

I know some of you really like getting the daily emails telling you all the latest deals, so Monday morning I'm planning to get that in the works.  But for today, you'll have to click here to check out the daily deals!

Monopoly for $2.00!  Free card to a soldier! 2 more rebate offers!  How I organize coupons.......

See you at Real Life Deals!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The blog is moving!

Here's What I Found is moving!!!!  Our local newspaper, the Danville Advocate Messenger, has found my blog and is interested in helping more people find Real deals in Real Life.  So I'm moving to a new website:!  That's it!  My  new name is easier to remember and easier for you to tell your friends. 

My goal all along has been to help family and friends find ways to save money in real life.  So, I'm working to make your life even easier with a new name and new site. 

Come join me at Real Life Deals!

I'll be posting details about how to get the new blog in your email every day just like you already are doing.  I'm also working on making these deals available on Facebook for those of you who love FB and want everything there. 

There may be a few snags as I get switched over but hopefully the transition will be easy!  I'll keep on reminding you about the new site for the next week until we get the email subscriptions all transferred over. 

Come on over and see what you think.  It's a work in progress - but it sure is alot of fun!!!!

Toy Story DVD coupons

Disney has added Toy Story Coupons for the new blueray release.  Click here.

They also still have the Princess and Frog and Baby Einstein Coupons as well.