Sunday, February 28, 2010

Making money by shopping online

This weekend I talked to someone who wants to save money but finds coupons way too much trouble! I completely understand that mindset. So how can you save money without using a coupon? Simple...... By tweaking what you are already good at!

Here's what I mean:

If you already shop online, why not have the companies pay you some of that money back in rebates?

Quick tweak: Before you shop at your favorite store (Gap, Ann Taylor, Ebay....) click on Login or register (If you are registering for the first time, you will even get a $5.00 bonus just for signing up!)
  • Now type in the store name where you want to purchase in the search bar at the top.
  • A small screen will pop up telling you that you are being directed to your store's site.
  • Then you will be at your store site.
  • Shop like normal!
  • Pay like normal!
  • Receive your product - like normal!

In a few days, you will get an email saying "Thanks, your rebate is being processed at Mr Rebates."

It takes 90 days after you make your purchase to have that money available and you must accumulate at least $10.00 in rebate money at MrRebates. But then you can request a check mailed to you or have the money deposited into your Paypal account.

I understand that this is not INSTANT savings - but I figure if I am already going to be spending the money, I may as well have the company send me some of it back.

Have fun shopping!

Create a Free Word Search

For my Grandma's Birthday party last weekend, I created a word search puzzle with a list of places she has visited in her life. I had it complete in less than 10 minutes. You have quite a few options:
  • You can give the puzzle a title
  • Decide how many letters to include
  • Decide if the words should share letters or not
  • Decide if you want to be able to copy and paste it to Word
    Choose the TEXT option to do this. This lets you resize it in Word and add any other descriptions etc or clipart to your puzzle.
  • Enter all your words you want to use
  • Then click create my puzzle.
  • Once you view your puzzle you can then copy it over to word etc.
Here's the link to make a word search.

Angel Soft Toilet Paper - .14 per roll

You know how much I love getting cheap toilet paper! I've been talking about Angel Soft coupons for almost 2 years! Well here's how you can get Angel Soft toilet paper for .14 per roll this week (maybe even cheaper!)
  1. Call Georgia Pacific and request Angel Soft coupons. They will send you 4 coupons for .55 off any Angel Soft TP. (Hopefully you already have these coupons in hand from where you called last week but if not, call Monday morning!) You can call every 2 weeks to request these coupons. 1-800-283-5547
  2. Go to Rite Aid where the 4 pack is on sale for 2.19 - buy one get one free.
  3. Get 4 rolls
  4. Use 4 coupons (.55 coupon for each pack)
  5. Pay 2.28 for 4 packs!
If you have coupons to buy other stuff at Rite Aid this week, you can use the $3 off $15 coupon to do even better!

Free Easter cards at Walmart

Here's a coupon for $1.00 off 2 American Greetings Cards. Walmart has Easter cards for .50 each! There are about 12 choices I saw for that price!

Here's the link to the coupon.

Free Zaxbys meal coupon

Register here for a free meal coupon from Zaxbys. (one meal coupon per household). They will mail you the coupon in about 4 weeks.

I posted this several times last year but it is still available. If you have a Zaxbys nearby, this may be a great deal for you.

Free Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaner

Have you joined RecyleBank yet? You can add 50 points to your account right now–for free!–which is enough to earn a coupon for a free box of Kashi cereal or a free bottle of Seventh Generation dish detergent.
  • Join here (if you haven’t already) and you’ll get 40 points for signing up.
  • Click on the “Earn Points” tab at the top and join the Ebay Green Team in order to get 50 more points for free.
  • Click on “Get Reward” in the top tab and then “Grocery and Food” on the left side. You’ll be able to redeem your points for a coupon for a free box of Kashi cereal or a free bottle of Seventh Generation dishwashing liquid–or anything else which is 50 points or under.

Thanks, Mojo Savings!

Free sample Bounce Dryer sheet

Get a FREE sample of Bounce 4 in 1 Dryer Sheets from Sam’s Club. You do not need to be a member to receive this sample, just leave the membership field blank.

(Thanks My Good Cents)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Update on Sunday Newspaper....

After posting about why and how I buy my Sunday papers, Heather sent me this note:

"Here is how I get my Louisville paper for 99cents each Sunday, delivered to my house!!! Very convenient! Then if it's a really good week and I want another set of coupons I'll go to Speedway for an extra copy! Cheaper and more convenient!"

You can set it up to pay month by month recurring!

***I just signed up and it told me that my order was being processed. I'm crossing my fingers that my address will work for this awesome 50% deal!!! I'll let you know.

Thanks Heather!

Free movie rental at Redbox!

Want to rent a movie but don't want to pay Blockbuster price? I just talked to my cousin who is using this deal every month!!!

When you rent a movie from Redbox (these are the big red boxes outside McDonalds, Kroger, or inside lots of Walmarts) you enter your email address, your credit card and just pick your movie. It will then pop out for you to take home. You only get to keep the movie one night and you only pay $1.00! If you forget to return it, you will be charged $1.00 more every day it stays out.

Here's the good part though. Alot of times they release a code that will get you the movie for FREE!

Here's the latest codes to get it free:
  • SNSV26
  • GANTS9
  • DVDATWAG (works only at Walgreens locations)

You can also click here to see a list of other codes that are still valid!

A couple of things to remember:

  1. You can only use 1 code per transaction so if you want to rent 2 in one night, just do 2 tranactions.
  2. I always write down all available free codes so I can just keep trying if 1 code doesn't work.
  3. Worst case? You might have to pay $1.00. Way cheaper than Blockbuster.

Why pay full rental price, when you can get it for FREE!!!

YouData - not a lot of money - but it's easy!

This is another super easy way to make a little bit of money. It takes me less than 5 minutes a week and I've made close to $10. I'm not going to get rich with this program but it is so easy, I can't pass it up.


Here's how it works.

  • Sign up here
  • You must have a paypal account and use the same email address that is associated with your paypal account when you register
  • When you sign up, you must give a cell phone number that can receive a text message. They will instantly send you a conf code on that cell phone and you will enter it to authorize your account.
  • You will get paid to your paypal account automatically every Friday whether you have .14 of earnings or $3.00.
  • You do NOT have to download anything - if you want to use their toolbar, you can but I don't like to download extra stuff)
  • Create your mefile (This is a series of questions - you can answer as many or as few as you want). The more you answer, the more ads you'll get to view.
  • Then click "Adgets"
  • I only check 1 or 2 times a week. There aren't usually very many and it's not worth going there very often.

If you have questions about the site, feel free to email me. I just made .42 for my 'payday' today. True - that's not much. But I love seeing my paypal account get padded little by little so it will have a balance when I need to buy something small on ebay etc.

Why I buy the Sunday paper

I usually do not suggest that you spend money just so you can save money. But my one exception every week is buying the Sunday newspaper. We subscribe to the Lexington Herald Leader Sunday edition only and have it delivered to our house every weekend ($8.00 per month). (If you buy it in the store, it costs $2.00 each week.) We also buy the local Danville paper ($1.50) and sometimes buy a Courier Journal (Louisville paper $2.00).

That means I spend almost $6.00 every week on newspapers.

Why is it worth it to spend $6.00 every week? First, my husband loves reading the Sunday papers. So he would probably buy the Sunday editions anyway. Second, I always save at least $6.00 (and usually way more than that) from the coupons I get in the papers.

If you are wanting to start couponing and saving money, I suggest that you buy at least one copy of your local paper each week so you will be able to do some of the deals that I list.

If you can't afford to buy the Sunday paper, then start talking to your neighbors and family. You may find someone who gets the Sunday paper that doesn't keep all the inserts.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Campbells Soup coupons

Click here to print coupons from Campbells Soup.

KY Intrigue Sample

Click here to request a Free Sample of KY Intrigue Lubricating Lotion

$1.00 coupon Quaker True Delights oatmeal

Click here to Save $1.00 on one package of Quaker® True Delights™ Instant Oatmeal

Danville Kroger - sale prices on Hotdogs/sandwich meat

Thanks Heather for the heads up....

Kroger Danville has these items on special sale as of Friday morning at 10:30 am!

Bar S Hotdogs 24 pack - on sale for 1.99
Healthy Ones Lunch Meat - closeout sale $1.00
Several other hotdogs on sale.

Arm & Hammer Coupons

Go here to print $9.50 in coupons for Arm & Hammer products. (Toothpaste, laundry detergent, cleaners....). You will need to click on the right side where it says "Get more in the savings center".

Trading for treasure

I almost always have a surplus of 'stuff' thanks to my coupons and bargain hunts. That means when I see family members - they really hit the jackpot. But what's fun is when they can trade from their surplus too.

Last weekend, my aunt gave us 5 bars of Johnson buddies soap and we gave her family Kotex pantiliners, toothpaste and bodywash. I got something that my kids love and they got stuff to save them money too. Win - win!

Next time you go see a family member of friend, consider taking a little 'hostess' or 'just because' gift from something that's on your stockpile shelf! I bet your gift will be a hit and you will get the satisfaction of knowing you have brightened someones day!

Coupons from Frenchs

Looks like they have reset the coupons at Frenchs! That means I'll print these coupons off and save them for another sale week at Kroger. Free Mustard and hotsauce!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Working on a new header image.....

I'm in the process of finding the right header for the blog. So it may change a dozen times in the next few days. Feel free to weigh in with your opinion. :-)

Making credit cards work for me!

For too many years, I had to work for the credit card companies. I was paying the minimum monthly payment and giving the credit cards way too much of my money/interest.

After learning to be extremely tight and frugal and becoming focused on paying off those credit card debts, we are finally at a point where we make the credit cards work for us! Every time we make a purchase big or small, we use a particular credit card. Even if I run into McDonalds or the post office, I pay with my credit card.

But even my 5 year old knows the next step. She will often remind me as we're in the car after making a purchase that I have to go home and pay it off. That's the key. I always pay off the purchase immediately.

By using the card frequently, we earn points. Then we are able to trade our reward points for cash or a gift card and use them to buy something else we need to buy. That gives us more points toward the next gift card/cash and we keep the cycle going.

***Word of caution: If we can't afford to pay the purchase off immediately, we don't make the purhase. Some people can't use credit cards because they forget to pay it off or are unable to do so. For those situations, please disregard this post! This is not a moneymaker if you are paying interest.

Yep.... I got an itouch!

An itouch is not a cheap toy but we've been saving for it and I used some yep! I am now the proud owner of an itouch!
Since we're on the subject of an itouch - let me tell you how its going to save me money!
  1. Read ebooks for free. I downloaded the amazon kindle app which offers tons of free ebooks!
  2. Listen to any of my music - anytime: We moved all our music to mp3s and am now able to 'swap' all those cds (tons of cds) for things I really want. Remember my favorite swap site? Swaptree!
  3. View photos - No more carrying around pictures to show our latest family adventure; just upload the pics to the itouch.
  4. Calendar, Notes and voice memos

Now before you go buy an itouch, please remember that this is my big splurge and I've been saving for a while to buy this. If you do have one though, you can agree - ain't it fun!

Welcome To Savings - a new Friend & Blog

Recently I heard about a lady who was teaching a coupon class in Casey County (local). Her name is Laura. She and I have been talking by email and are hoping to get together soon and look for more ways to save. She writes for a blog in Northern KY. Take a look and see what deals are available when you travel her way.

Here's the fun part. She found my blog because she has a relative that found my blog. How? Who knows? I love hearing that you guys who are regular readers are talking to your friends and family about the deals at Here's What I Found. Thanks for spreading the word!

Swagbucks redesign and new point system

Swagbucks is having a new redesign to celebrate their 'birthday'. It looks like they have added '0' to everything. You should have way more swagbucks than you did have yesterday. I did have 145 swagbucks- now I have 1,450. Amazon gift cards used to cost 45 swagbucks - now they are 450. Make sense? So it should balance out - I hope :-)

If you are not already a member of swagbucks, today is a great day to start earning free money because they are giving you bonus swagbucks just to sign up. Click here to start your swagbucks account. (No credit card needed - of course!) There is a place for a 'swagcode' but you just ignore that box.

Not sure what I am talking about? Click here to read all about swagbucks and how you can be earning free money.

Free after rebate Turkey Meat!

What's better than turkey meat for a $1.00? - Jennie-O Turkey meat for the price of a stamp!

Here's how:
  1. Sign up for Wellness Daily and you can print full product rebate for Jennie O Turkey (up to $5.00). This is limited to the first 25,000 who sign up.
  2. You will need to look down on the right side of the page where it has the picture of the Jennie O turkey and says sign in or create an account. I had to create an account. (It only took a minute)
  3. Then you will be taken back to that original page. This time, sign in.
  4. Now you will see 'print rebate form' down on the right side of the page where you created an account a minute ago.

Now go buy the meat. I'm looking for a coupon to make the deal even sweeter.

Send in your receipt and the rebate form. Watch for your refund/rebate in the mail in about 6 weeks.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Free sample - all purpose cleaner

Go HERE to request your free sample of The Mystical Monkey all purpose cleaner.

$2 coupon for Glade Fragrance Collection

Click here to save $2 on any reed diffuser or 3-wick soy-based candle fromThe Fragrance Collection by Glade® (excludes 2 oz. soy-based candle & 4.9 oz. soy candle)

This is not the best coupon I have seen but it still may come in handy.

Just a tip about passwords

I join alot of online groups, survey sites, register for alot of coupon sites...... you get the idea. How do I keep up with my login information for each site? No problem. I have a standard password I use for ALL of them. Since I never include credit card information, it's no problem to me to always have a standard password. This makes it easy to sign in.

Another option I love is keepass. This is a free downloadable (very small) program that allows me to remember 1 password and saves all my login information for everything I need. There is no customer service so I CANNOT afford to lose my master password because my master password cannot be reset. But this is a safety feature I love. I know that noone else can access my login information.

Here's the link to download Keepass if you are interested. You just download the program and then enter your information.

Chance for a Free sample of Carmex

Click here to request a free sample of Carmex.
This is a weekly drawing. They will choose 50 lucky winners each week. Not every one will be chosen to receive a sample.

I registered for a chance last fall but decided to try it today. It only takes about a miute.

Free pedometer

This offer is a repost from last Fall but it is still available. If you missed it before - go sign up today!

Join the Keep Moving Program online (this is a Tylenol-sponsored site) for healthy lifestyle tips and guided workouts and you'll also receive a FREE pedometer and DVD about the program to help you keep moving. Click here to register.

Free Plum Sample

Click here to request a free sample of Mariani Dried Plums.
Enter code - SUPERFRUIT

I requested this last fall and got my sample with no problem. The dried plums were actually alot like raisins and tasted good on a salad.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Great American Coookie

If you have a birthday coming up, make sure you sign up for the free cookie from Great American Cookie (in the local mall) - One free cookie cake slice (no additional purchase required).

Today I requested my free cookie for my son and the cashier decided to give my daughter a free cookie too. Just an extra bonus - free surprise!
Here's a list of other birthday freebies you need to make sure you sign up for!

Build A Bear - on a Budget

My son turns 3 this weekend, so we went to Build a Bear for his 1st Animal.

In case you have never done a Build A Bear animal, here's tips for how to score a great fun adventure without spending alot of money! I have done this 3 times and have never come out of the store spending more than $13.00!!! (Today we spent $10.07.)
  • Sign up for the BAB (Build a Bear) Stuff for Stuff club. Make sure you register all of your childen's birthdays. That way you will get a $5 coupon about 3 weeks before your childs birthday. You will also earn 1 point for every dollar spent which will then give you free money to spend eventually.
  • Watch magazines and newspapers for a $5 off coupon. I see these coupons several times a year and they usually have long expiration dates. Usually they are $5 off an animal priced $10 or more.

You can 'stack' coupons at BAB. For example.... you can use the $5 birthday coupon + the $5 off $10 animal. So you have instant savings now of $10!

Today they gave us a bonus coupon that doesn't expire till June for $5 off any $25 purchase!!!! That means I'll be able to stack it with the other 2 coupons and be able to buy $25 worth of stuff for my oldest son's birthday in May and only have to spend $10!!!!!

Now for the animal...... There are 2 bears you can build that cost $10 each. Then each animal goes up from there. The bear Luke chose in the picture cost $12.

Here's where you have to make sure you and your child have talked ahead of time. I am very thankful that we don't have whiny kids. :-) By talking about this stuff ahead of time, we are able to have a great experience all around!

  • Sounds: You have the option of including sound inside your bear. These sounds start at $3.50 and go up from there. My kids don't EVER get a sound. Why would they want an animal that is going to talk to them in the middle of the night. I don't even let my kids have this option. So I immediately save this money.
  • Clothes: As my daughter says "We can't leave here with a bear/animal naked!" So we always have to buy clothes. I know that I have already gotten the animal 'free' with the coupons above, so I am willing to pay up to $15.00 max for the clothes.

Here's the basic prices for clothes:

  • full outfits - $12 - $20 per set
  • skirts/shirts/pants/shorts - usually about $6 each
  • Shoes - usually about $6
  • Panties/underwear/boxers - usually $3.50 each

What we have done so far is allow the kids to pick out 2 things OR 1 outfit. That way I know I won't go over my budget of $15.00. I have found that for the boy bear we were able to get a pair of camo boxers and a shirt and the bear was dressed! Done. No problem. Natalie's bunny got a pajama dress and a pair of panties plus the free bows and had a great outfit!

(Ribbons are always free at the register!)

The birth certificate is free and included. The animal gets placed in a special house/box that is also included for free!

Then you can bring your animal to life on the computer and play for free online at

Monday, February 22, 2010

Free sample of Olay Body Wash

Get a free sample of Olay Total Effects Body Wash from Walmart.

Free sample of South Beach bar

Get a free sample of South Beach Living Fiber Fit S'mores bars. You will need to select "Yes, I would be willing to provide feedback" and enter your email address to get to the free sample request form.

Host a HouseParty

Have you heard of people who get to host a houseparty and then keep the stuff? I was one of those people. Last year, I won a Velveeta Houseparty! They sent me a huge fedex box with velveeta cheese, 25 cheese boxes, reusable cups, koolaid, several cans of rotel sauce for the dip, a white ceramic bowl for the dip, 25 chip clips .... all for free! Then I hosted a party for my family and all the cousins - for free! All I had to do was post several comments on the houseparty site, invite the guests and take pictures!

I also won a Wii Exercise House Party last summer! I just applied for a Ziploc Home Organization House Party. Wouldn't that one be nice?

Click here to apply.....

True, there's no guarantee you'll win and be chosen, but it's worth a few minutes to fill out the application. . I've applied for several and haven't been chosen. but somebody has to win (of course, there's no credit card involved!)

Snapfish Photo Book - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

You may want to check out this new deal from Snapfish to get a FREE 8” x 11” Classic Photo Book with the purchase of any 8” x 11” Classic Photo Book.

Just use the promo code CARNIEBOOKS by 2/28 and you’re all set. You’ll also receive free shipping at Snapfish with orders of $30 or more when you use promo code CARNIE through 3/10.

Plus, don’t forget that all new users get 20 FREE prints just for signing up.

Make sure you click on Mr Rebates first! That way you'll get $5.00 rebate just for signing up.
Then you'll also get 12% rebate on anything you spend on snapfish.

Free Country Bob Sauce

This offer has been around awhile but they must have reset it (again) because I was able to request a free coupon again.

Click here to request a coupon for a free bottle of Country Bobs Sauce. (Kroger and Walmart both carry this sauce. I think it taste a bit like A1 sauce)

2010 Pillsbury Calendar

Get a FREE 2010 Pillsbury Calendar

Free Dora the Explorer Computer game

If you register for game and video information from Nick Jr, you can get a free Dora the Explorer video game download for your computer.

I submitted the form and it says I should receive download instructions in 24-48 hours. The instructions came to my email in less than 15 min. It's Dora's World Adventure (same game that was offered last Fall)

Click here to fill out the form to request the free game download.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Offers still available....

I am checking the offers that are on this blog to see if they are still available. That way, if you missed them the first time, you can sign up this time around.

Sometimes, the offers even allow you to sign up again - even if you already requested it when it was offered before. So if it's something you really liked? Try again! You may get a double bonus!!!!

$5.00 coupon for Baby Alive Doll

Save $5.00 off one (1) 1st for Me BABY ALIVE doll
Coupon expires 4/15/2010

All Laundry Detergent - 1.69 at Kroger

All Laundry Detergent is on sale at Kroger this week for 3.69.
Use the 1.00 coupon here (You will need to register)
Load a 1.00 ecoupon on your Kroger card here.
Total: 1.69!

Just for asking - I got the Chick Fil A cow!

My Grandma turned 90 yesterday!

If you remember, I told you a while back that Chick Fil A offers free coupons for a years worth of food if you are one of the first 100 people to spend the night in the parking lot at their new grand openings. Well, my Grandma has attended 2 of those openings in the last year!

So, we decided we wanted to see if the Chick Fil A cow could come as a guest to her party. All I did was call a local restaurant. They sent me to their PR person. I asked and she said the Cow could come. That's all it took - 2 phone calls!

If you want something to happen..... it never hurts to just ask!

Free sample of Tide plus Febreeze

Click here for a free sample of Tide plus febreeze. It will take you to p&g saver samples. You will need to login and request the samples and coupons you want.

Free photo book for military

Hang on Uncle Matt...... we're making you another photo book so you can have more pictures from home! (and of course.....I'm not going to pay a penny!)

Free 20 page photo book - includes free shipping!

This new program is designed to provide comfort and support for our troops stationed anywhere with an APO/FPO or MPO mailing address. You can make a 20 page soft cover photo book using your own digital pictures and send it to your family and friends far from home. Each free book can contain approximately 50-60 photos. The USO even pays for the shipping! It’s a $17 value, ABSOLUTELY FREE*.

Each book is 5 x 7 and includes 20 pages (additional pages available at extra cost). It's designed to be lightweight and fit neatly into fatigue cargo pockets. It’s a great way to share memories of home with those far away.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Free Busy Moms Bible

Click here for a free copy of the Busy Moms Bible from Zondervans. It says for first 5000. You need to upload a picture supposedly of your family.

Free sample - Burts Bees Toothpaste

Looks like the free sample is back....... Wonder how long this will last this time around.....

Get a free sample of Burt's Bees Natural Toothpaste, it's a travel size tube (0.5 oz.) of Multicare with Flouride.

Cool things I've gotten...

What's the coolest thing I've ever gotten as samples? I just had this question sent to me, so I thought I'd give a list of some of the stuff I've received over the past 2 years....

  • Carhart ballcap
  • 10 Full size bottles from KY Lubricating lotion in a big gift basket
  • Lots of tshirts
  • Bare Necked Granola bag with 30 individual size snacks to hand out at Halloween
  • Tons of totes/bags
  • Carwash stuff (reusable cleaning cloths, soaps etc)
  • Full size lemonade stand - and I do mean full size!
  • Full box of mixed chocolates
  • Off Mosquito Lamp and Off ClipOn
  • Stuffed teddybear
  • Laundry detergent
  • Bounce bars (multiple)
  • Nortons Antivirus software
  • Squirrel food
  • Kids DVDs
  • Kids books
  • of course.....all the shampoo, soap, toothpaste, deodorant bodywash.......
  • handtowel
  • dog food (it was a chunk of jerkied lamb - or something - it was pretty nasty looking)
  • I can't begin to tell you how many food samples I've received
  • Magazines - and more magazines and more magazines. I think at any give time we get about 40 mags a month!
  • Silver baby spoon
  • Crystal candy dish from Mikasa
  • Set of heavy duty measuring cups
  • Calphalon frying pan
  • Japanese razor sharp knive
  • White ceramic dish from ??
This is just the stuff I can remember off the top of my head. Going to the mailbox has become one of the most fun parts of the day - for all my family!

What fun things have you gotten?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Free lava lamp nightlight

This look like a fun freebie! A Free lava lamp nightlight!!!!

They say there are 10,000 of these available. I filled out my information and they say they will contact me to verify my address. Since I didn't have to give my phone, I'm assuming I'll just get an email to verify.

This is what the site says:
To get your lava lamp nightlight, absolutely free, simply fill out the form with your name, address, and email address. It's a modern twist, on a classic favorite.

Free UniBall pen

Starting at noon (Central time) you can get your free uniball Super Ink pen directly from Uni Ball. It's available to the first 10,000 people to request it each day through April 30. If you miss it today, then try again tomorrow at noon (Central time).

Update: I just got my free ink pen this week in the mail. I just checked the link and it is still live even as late in the day as 5:45 pm. So this should be an easy freebie to request! It also comes with a .50 coupon (which I have no idea will make for more free pens, but I'll keep the coupon in case!)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eat at Fazolis for the price of a drink!

Print a coupon here for a free small Spaghetti with a drink purchase at Fazoli's. This coupon expires 4-30-10.

Free sample of Powerblasts

Free sample of Powerblasts from Powerbar. PowerBar Free Samples of Sport Nutrition and Energy Products.

$1.00 coupon for Johnson Baby product

Click here to take you to smartsource coupons where you can print $1.00 off ANY Johnsons baby product. If your store still carries the Buddies Soap bars, you should be able to get it free or almost free. We're down to our last Buddies soap bar :-( so I'm really hoping this coupon works.

There are also other coupons on the same site so you may find something else you can use too.

Update: Danville and Harrodsburg Walmart do not carry the buddies soap anymore. I'm going to check Kroger next and see if they still carry them!

2 FREE Winnie the Pooh audio stories

Clorox is helping your little one wind down with 2 FREE Downloadable story’s (mp3):

House At Pooh Corner (looks like this one is music)
The Original Story of Winnie the Pooh (this one is the story)

Just visit Clorox here and enter promo code NAPTIME to grab yours for free!

Free sample Chewy Lemonhead candy

Sign up to receive a FREE sample of Tropical Chewy Lemonhead & Friends Candy.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

$1 coupon for Blue Bunny IceCream

Click here to print a $1.00 couon for Blue Bunny Ice Cream.

BeechNut Baby Food Club

Thanks Kristy for this deal alert!

If you are buying baby food, go here to sign up for the Let's Grow BeechNut club. According to the website, you will get coupons every month as well as a welcome kit that possibly comes with a voucher for a free lets grow product (up to $3.00)

Free Backyard Burger

Join the Backyard Burger eclub and receive a coupon for a free 1/3 pound burger or grilled chicken sandwich. Once you register, you will receive an email from us within 24 hours that includes your username, password and your coupon.

Free sample of Crest Whitestrips

Click here to receive a free sample of Crest 3D White Whitestrips from Walmart.

Free Hallmark Kids card

Update: I just stopped by our local Danville Hallmark and picked up the free card! No problem. There is no coupon needed. You just pick out the card you want (There are 9 choices). Then let the cashier scan it. There is NO charge!

Just in time for my son's birthday!

Valid through 3/14/10 while supplies last at participating Hallmark Gold Crown retailers. Limit one free card from the Hallmark kids collection per customer.

$2.00 coupon for Land O Frost lunchmeat

Update: This is on sale for $3.49 at Kroger! Makes the lunch meat package only $1.49!!!

Go HERE to print a $2.00 coupon for Land O' Frost lunch meat. I've never seen a $2.00 coupon for this before. Usually it is only .55! We love the sliced turkey!

How to turn your Swagbucks into Paypal money

Here's how to turn your swagucks into $5 to be deposited into your paypal account:

(Don't know what I'm talking about? Read my post here.)
  1. Login to your swagbucks account
  2. Click on 'prizes' at the top left of the screen.
  3. Look on the left side about halfway down the page for 'gift and reward cards
  4. Then look over on the right for this icon that says
  5. Once you click on the gift card, you will need to say 'snag this prize'
  6. Then check your email for a verification email.
  7. Once you click on verify, you will wait about 2 weeks (give or take a few days) to receive an email in your email account saying your prize has been fulfilled.

Congrats again! Isn't swagbucks fun!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aveeno Shampoo sample

This is the day for shampoo offers.

Click here to request a free Aveeno Nourish+ shampoo sample.

New Coupons on the coupon button

They've added a few new coupons (and kept a few of my favorites) on the coupon button on the right of the blog ---->

1.00 off Listerine
2.00 off 2 packages of Kotex pads - FREE pantiliners at Walmart
.50 off any Land o lakes butter (this will make some cheap butter at Kroger pretty soon)
2.00 off 2 Right Guard products
1.00 off any Orbit Multipack

There's also several Kelloggs Coupons for cereal!

Sample of UnderJams

Free sample of Underjams at Wal-Mart - UnderJams

Monday, February 15, 2010

$1.00 coupon for Scotties Tissue

Become a fan on facebook of Scotties Tissue and print a $1.00 coupon. I'm hoping for more free tissues! Login to your facebook account. Search for Scotties Facial. Click on become a fan.

This was on an advertisement in my last Family Circle magazine.

Savings at JCPenny

Right now, you can get $10 off a $10 purchase at when you use coupon code TEN4YOU. You will still have to pay a shipping fee for the item (starts at $5.95).

Remember, if you shop online, you can get 3% cash-back when you start your shop through Ebates. (You just sign up at Ebates through this link (I'll get a bonus because you're singing up as my friend - so thanks :-). Then you just type in JCPenny in the store search box. Click start shopping. It will take you to the JCpenny website and you shop like normal. You will get 3% of your purchase price credited to your ebates account. If you're going to shop anyway, might as well get a rebate back in a few months!)

If you prefer to shop in-store, you can print a coupon for $10 off a $25 purchase. The printable coupon is valid through 2/27.

***I have not used this coupon code because I don't need anything at JCPenny this week. But if you plan to shop, you might as well save money, true?!?!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Prescription coupons in today's newspaper

In the Target ad today there is a $10 coupon for a NEW or transferred prescription! Why is this so good? Because CVS always accepts competitors coupons! That means that if one of my kids get sick this month and needs to get a prescription filled, I will get a $10 CVS card - FREE!

Here's how it works if you've never done this before:
  1. Take your new prescription from the doctor to your CVS.
  2. Pay for your prescription AND give your Target coupon to the cashier.
  3. They will give you a CVS gift card worth $10.
  4. You can then use that card immediately on your next purchase!

Of course, if you have a Target nearby, you can do this same thing at your local Target store.

In the Rite Aid ad, there are 2 transfer coupons for $25.00 each. That means that if you need to refill a prescription, you can just transfer it to Rite Aid and get an instant $25 gift card to use at Rite Aid.

I have one prescription that I refill every month. Since CVS accepts competitor coupons for prescriptions, I just switch back and forth each month between Rite Aid and CVS. Every month, I get a gift card just because I have to refill a prescription. Crazy, huh!

Gerber Baby clothes coupons

If you need to buy Gerber baby clothes, check out these coupons.

$5 off $25 Gerber baby clothes purchase
$1.00 off onesies
$1.00 off sleep n play or gown

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rouge Magazine - more P&G coupons

I just got a new issue of Rouge Magazine - a small beauty magazine put out by Proctor & Gamble. I just got mine in the mail today and there were 2 pages of coupons for P&G brands, like Secret, CoverGirl, Crest, Olay and Scope.

Sign up to get Rouge, a free mini health & beauty magazine from P&G.

I love to meet the readers!

Today at Walmart, I had a complete stranger say "Hi, aren't you Sharon?" It was Angelia - one of you guys who regularly reads the blog. There's no way for me to know you - so if you are out and you see me...... I'd love to meet you!

It's fun to meet the people who are reading this blog!

Great to meet you Angelia (and family!)

Buy Proctor & Gamble - get $100 worth P&G coupons

Purchase $50 worth of any Proctor & Gamble products between 02/01/10 and 04/15/10
  1. Circle the P&G products and their corresponding prices on your original cash register receipt(s)
  2. Fill out the attached form
  3. Mail this original form, original dated sales receipt(s) with item descriptions and product purchase prices circled in a stamped envelope to:
    P&G Year of Savings
    Dept. T
    PO Box 460643
    El Paso, TX 88546-0643

    Link to offer

$3.00 off 2 Nair products

Click here to print a $3.00 coupon off 2 Nair hair removal products.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Colgate Palmolive Coupons

It's been 6 months since I last called Colgate-Palmolive company. That means it's time to call again and request my coupon pack.


You can request coupons from them once every 6 months!
(Note to self - mark 6 months from now on the calendar to call again!)

Here's a clue to what is usually included:
.75 off Lady Speed stick (often on sale for $1.00 at Walmart)
.75 off Speed Stick (often on sale for $1.00 at Walmart)
.75 Colgate (often on sale for $1.00 at Walmart)
.75 Kids colgate toothpaste (often on sale for $1.00 at Walmart)
.40 palmolive
.40 softsoap hand soap (often goes on sale for 1.00; if your store doubles - .20!)

5 Free KidSongs mp3s!

My kids love KidSongs DVDs and music so I'm thrilled to be able to download 5 free songs - no credit card required!

  • Just click here to select your 5 songs. (add to cart)
  • Click checkout
  • You will need to register
  • Choose "no payment required"
  • Use coupon code FREE SONGS (It should make your total $0 - If it doesn't then the coupon may have expired.)
  • You will receive an email with download instructions
    I was able to download them as mp3 files by right clicking on the download button and then choosing 'save target as'. When I just clicked on download, it just played it on my computer but wouldn't save it. But now - success! And the kids loved the songs!

Free Sample of Hylands Restlful Legs

Click here to request a free sample of Hylands Restlful Legs

Need a free place to play indoors?

Update: I took the kids to the gym yesterday and had the whole place to ourselves. We played soccer, ran relay races and I got to walk a few laps - all for FREE!

If you are like me, sometimes you just want a place where the kids can just run wild and get out energy! But it's really hard in the cold days of February to find a spot like that. The library is great but you have to keep them halfway quiet.

If you live in the Danville area - you are in luck! The Salvation Army has a full size gym where you can come and play - for FREE.

Salvation Army
519 South 4th Street
Danville, KY 40422-2124
(859) 236-4473
Get directions

They offer open gym hours:
Monday - Friday from 9:00-11:30 am and 1:00-4:30 pm.

No need to make a reservation. No fee to pay. There were many times that I would let the kids run like crazy and bounce balls while a friend and I walked laps around the gym.

(There are a few days that they may have a special program that bumps the free open gym.)

Happy playtime!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

$10 off $10 Izod, Bass or Van Heusen

If you live near a Van Heusen, Bass or Izod outlet, you will be thrilled with this!

Join IZOD, Van Heusen and Bass Rewards. Members receive exclusive sales and discounts not available to the general public at Bass, IZOD, and Van Heusen stores. This is NOT a credit card - just a rewards card.

BONUS: You'll receive a $10 off $10 coupon just for joining (new members only).

Members also receive 500 bonus points upon registration. You can earn valuable rewards certificates. They will email you advance notice of sales. Plus receive a birthday bonus.

I just signed up and already got a temporary card in my email box. It told me they would send my $10 gift certificate within 10 days!

.75 coupon for Nestle Tollhouse Morsels

Print a coupon for $0.75/1 Nestle Toll House Morsels here. You must sign in to your Nestle account (or create a new account).

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Card games - cheap!

I'm already thinking about Christmas and birthday present for this next year!

Here's a few deal ideas I saw at Walmart:

All of these coupons are available on the coupon button at the right of the blog! You can print them twice!

Scrabble Slam Card $5.24
Use $4/1 Scrabble game printable
Pay $1.24 each after coupon

Pictureka Card Game $5.24
Use $5/1 Pictureka printable coupon
Pay $0.24 each after coupon

Monopoly Deal Card Game $5.24
Use $4/1 Monopoly game printable
Pay $1.24 after coupon

Save-A-Lot Coupons

Thanks Melonie for reminding me that Save-A-Lot has printable coupons on their site.
Click here to see what they have.

Valentines Day Party for school? No problem - No $!

Last year I bought extra boxes of Valentines for .10 a box! That means I have a gallon size bag of Valentines for the kids to choose from.
  • Cards for each student in the class - $0 - FREE this year

It's always fun to add candy to the cards. My son thinks thats cool. No problem. After Christmas I bought extra bags of individual boxes of Nerds - with a coupon of course - on sale of course. They were FREE at Kroger.

  • Candy to attach to each card - $0 - FREE

I need to send cups for the class party. No problem. Last fall, I used a coupon to buy red cups (how convenient!). Then I used the receipt for those cups and received a $5.00 rebate 2 months ago.

  • Cups for class party - $0 - FREE

It is definitely worth it for me to plan ahead. Now class parties for Valentines Day don't have to cost a penny and I still get to have everything needed to make my son have a great party.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Rebate from Activia

If you like Activia yogurt, grab your receipts! There's a rebate available for this product!:
  • Purchase Activia between 12/15/09 and 03/31/10 (must be postmarked by 04/15/10).
  • Send in the register receipt(s) with the purchase price circled.
  • Send in (1) clean lid from an Activia package.
  • Maximum refund amount is $12.00
Click here for the printable rebate form.

Free makeup sample at Sephora in Mall

Another free thing at the mall...

Sephora in-store is offering FREE Bare Escentuals Bareminerals Foundation. At the bottom it will say “free in stores (no purchase required)”

$1 coupon for Reach floss or toothbrush

Click here to print a $1 coupon for Reach Floss or toohbrush.

Reach Floss is $1.00 at Walmart - FREE!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekly toothpaste deal - always less than $1.00.

I am convinced that nobody should ever pay more than $1.00 for toothpaste. I personally never spend more than .25 because I have a stash built up and can afford to wait for a really good deal. However, if you are just starting you may have to spend up to $1.00 to get your supply built.

So I'm going to start a watch of where the toothpaste is on sale for the week. I promise - never spend more than $1.00 on toothpaste. Hopefully - way less!

This week:

Kroger has Colgate Total toothpaste on sale for $1.67
Use 1.00 coupon from last weeks newspaper if you have it.
Total: .67 plus tax

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Ebook for download

I love to read! and I love to read a wide range of books/authors.

I am currently finishing up Beverly Lewis "The Shunning" that I downloaded free last month.

Tonight I just downloaded a free ebook from Lisa Wingate "Talk of the Town". (supposedly she is a American Christian Fiction Write Finalist???) I like the price and I love trying new authors.

Here's the link. It will download automatically to your kindle for pc or your itouch ....
If you need the Kindle for PC, here is the link. (This is just a program that allows you to read ebooks on your computer! - Super easy and FREE of course)

Wheat Thins $1 coupon

Become a fan of Wheat Thins on Facebook and you will be able to print a $1.00 coupon.

Free offers from Popsicle

Sign up at Popsicle to receive possible FREE samples and special offers.

Hmmm.... wonder if I'll get a coupon for free popsicles this summer? That'd be nice!

Winner of Chocolate Cheerios and Spa Set

Congratulations to Jenn. My son chose #1 as the winner so - congratulations. Hopefully My Blog Spark will send another giveaway for me to offer really soon!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Chocolate Cheerios Spa Pack Giveaway - Closed

Just a reminder! My Blog Spark and Cheerios sent me a box of Chocolate Cheerios plus a chocolate spa pack!

I love the size of the bowl. I really feel like I'm splurging when I eat these chocolate Cheerios and the chocolate scented bath oils, crystals and soap bar really smell like chocolate!

Interested in winning this giveaway? Just leave a comment below.

Giveaway ends on Friday, Feb 5 at 8 pm. - Contest Ended

Swagbucks - Free money to spend!

This is just a reminder to those out there who are still not earning free money with swagbucks.

Thanks to Swagbucks we were able to buy a $100 Lego Star Wars Set for less than $10.00 for my sons Christmas. We have bought ink cartridges, movies, games, coffee pot, leapster games. The possibilities are endless.

So, if you are already a swagbucks fan, you can skip this entry (or better yet, forward this link to your friend, cousin, sister or post the link to this article on your facebook page so you can get people to sign up and help you make even more money). Here's instructions on how to sign people up under your account.

Here's a step by step guide to starting swagbucks:

  1. Go here and fill in your name, address and email information. (There is a blank that says 'swagcode' - just skip that space.
  2. The next screen will ask you if you want to download the toolbar. You do not have to do that; you can just skip it if you want. I downloaded the toolbar 2 months ago and have had no problem with it at all (and I am one of those people who doesn't download stuff easily). It does make it easier to remember to use swagbucks but you really don't need it.
  3. You will have the option of whether you want to make swagbucks your home page. Again, that's your choice. I chose no and left my home page as google.

You're done! You will see in the top right corner of your swagbucks page your name and how many swagbucks you have (you will probably start with 3). Now it's time to start earning more bucks.

Every time you search the internet, start at the toolbar or from the swagbucks home page. I even 'search' for google, hotmail or my blog. After about 3 or 5 searches, a new screen will pop up saying "congratulations, you just won a swagbuck'. You will need to login on that screen to 'claim your buck'.

Now you can go back to your regular search engine if you want (google or yahoo etc).

The best reward is for a $5.00 Amazon gift card. Read here to find out what you can buy at with $5.00! It takes 45 bucks to get a Amazon gift card. So you're on your way to free stuff..

Got more questions? Just email me and I'll walk you through it!

Local gift cards for 50% discount

According to Herman - every Friday on at 8:20am you can buy $50 gift certificates for $25 while they last to various restaurants and/or businesses in the Lexington area.

This sounds interesting..... I'll check it out and let you know how it goes. Have you ever tried this deal???

Babies R Us Reward Club

Thanks to Herman for telling me about this great club to join. Join here. (**I have not personally joined this club yet but it sounds like a great deal if you are buying formula, diapers or baby stuff.)

At Babies R Us you can join the rewards program, for free, and it has several perks:

  • Buy 9 cases (of 6 cans) or cans of Good Start, Simlac, or Enfamil Formula, and they send you a coupon for a free case around a $35.00 value. It usually comes with a 15% off any one item, which can be combined with other coupons Example we had 10% off any travel system, and 15% off any one item, we combined it to get 25% off a car convertible booster seat saving about $28.
  • Also buy 9 value boxes of Pampers or Huggies and they send you a coupon for a free case around a $40 value.
  • Buy 5 greeting cards and they send you a coupon for a free card.
  • Plus when they send you the free diaper or formula coupons they send other coupons too.

    Usually it has a $5 or $10 coupon to use toward a $25 purchase.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Free food from Dennys

Free Burger and Fries – From February 1st through 14th, the first 500,000 people who sign up for the new Denny’s Rewards program will receive a free burger and fries available March 1st through March 7th, 2010.

Denny’s Birthday Original Grand Slam® – Consumers are invited to celebrate birthdays with a free Original Grand Slam® meal at participating restaurants. The Original Grand Slam® offer is free for the birthday guy or gal dining in and who shows proof that it’s their birthday.

Thanks to Simply Being Mommy.

Making body wash go farther...

My kids love good smelling body wash but if I give them a whole bottle, it usually gets spilled and then wasted.

My solution? I save the small plastic bottles that the samples come in. I just refill them with the body wash of their choice. If it spills..... no big deal.

What's your easiest money saving/mind saving trick to help your stash go farther?

Expired coupons for military families

I would love to help out military families by sending my expired coupons. (They can use expired coupons for up to 6 months after the exp date at overseas bases). I have seen multiple sites that give the name of the base. You just send them to the base representative and they distribute as they want.

Call me crazy.... but I can't get motivated to send these expired coupons to a nameless someone. However, if I had the name of a person who really loved using the coupons that I sent, I would send them asap.

Here's my question..... do you know a military family living overseas that wants to use coupons? If so, send me the name and I'll start corresponding with them and get them some much needed coupons to help them save money.

Free Story Time at Library

This is something we've participated in for almost 7 years. (Sometimes we go more regularly than others.) The Danville Boyle County Library offers free story time every Tuesday and Wednesday. Ms. Libby is a great children's librarian! The kids get to listen to stories, sing songs, play with puppets and always make a craft!

Here's the current schedule:



Most all libraries offer this wonderful free resource. It's a great place to take the kids and it is of course FREE!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A random scam alert....

Today I was asked about this, so I thought I would respond in general. Thanks E for reminding me!

If you get an email telling you that you have been selected to receive money from Western Union or to go to Walmart and make a purchase and you will be reimbursed from Western Union etc....... RUN!

Another good indicator that the email is fraudulent is if the email is written in broken English or sounds very choppy.

Ignore the message! Do not respond! I am often getting emails telling me I have been chosen to win a million dollars or that I will be paid by Western Union to make purchases. I never follow up on these.

I do often get great emails telling me I have been chosen to get special survey invitations, coupons or maybe even that I won a prize.... however, these emails that tell you that you will be reimbursed by Western Union are never good.

If in doubt, check with the Better Business Bureau or

Free toothbrush from Colgate

Click Here to Get: Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures 2010 Kit

If you are a teacher, you can order this kit for your classroom. OR if you are a parent, you can click on the 'I'm a parent' link and order it for your family.

I have ordered this kit on behalf of my son's teachers for the past 2 years for my son's school class. It has come with enough toothbrushes and personal toothpaste packet plus coloring book for each child in the class.

Free 1/2 Gallon of milk with purchase

Enter The Great Gallon Give and you can then print a coupon good for a FREE 1/2 gallon of milk when you buy a gallon of milk!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

.75 Coupon for Goldfish

Click here to print off a .75 coupon for Goldfish!

These are on sale for .99 at Kroger (if you buy 10 of the participating items). Makes them .24 each!!! Great to stock up on for kids snacks when we travel!

$2.00 coupon for Vita Coco Water—Be Heard. Be Happy.

I just received a $2.00 coupon for Vita Coco—all-natural, 100% pure coconut water. I will be honest and say I have never in my life heard of Coconut water and till this very moment didn't realize that this is the newest thing in power drinks. However, I am a member of and that means that I need to tell you about this coupon.

So, if you are interested in getting information and a coupon for Vita Coco ...... click away!—Be Heard. Be Happy.

Free Glade Plugins Gift Pack - possible

The first 10,000 to respond will receive one free Glade Fragrance Gift Pack from Right At Home. Gift pack includes Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Warmer and Refill.

You must be a member of Right At Home to receive this offer and can not have won a gift pack in the past 180 days.

I always request these offers from Right at Home because you never know when you will win. They take forever to actually get to you if you do win. But it only takes about 2 minutes to register. I know I have won at least twice in the past 2 years!

New Month - New printable coupons!

The coupon button on the right of the blog has new coupons!

There's all the typical coupons plus a few bonus coupons that I'm personally really excited about!

Save $4.00 off ANY Sorry Game
Save $5.00 off 1 Pictureka Game (this should include the card game that usually runs 5.99!)
Save $4.00 off Scrabble game (hopefully I'm going to get the Scrabble Slam card game with this)
Saver $4.00 off Monopoly
Save $5.00 on ANY Strawberry Shortcake (It says total must be $20 or more but in my experience, this coupon often works with any purchase of the toy!)

Save .50 on Green Giant Frozen vegetables! - on sale this week at Kroger.

***Just a note about the coupon button - You can get the exact same coupons by typing the address BUT here's the deal. If you click on the coupon button on my blog and print any coupons, I will get a few pennies for each coupon printed. Now, if you prefer for me to not benefit from your coupon printing, that is completely fine and I will never know the difference. However, this is just an added perk for me that I get a little pay from hosting the coupon button on my blog.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Free subscription to US News & World Reports

Looks like this offer has expired

Click here for a free subscription to US News & World Reports.

It asks for a company name? I just type 'home'.

$1 Coupons for Mutil Grain Cheerios

Sign up for $1 coupons to be delivered to your in-box weekly, this time for five weeks.
Multigrain Cheerios (5) $1 printable sign-up

Buying Huggies at Kroger? Don't miss another way to save!

If you buy Huggies at Kroger, don't forget to register at You can register your Kroger card and then add ecoupons to your card. There are 2 coupons currently for Huggies diapers & wipes. These ecoupons don't come off at the register, instead they add to your account to help you save for your kids college fund!

Click here to read more details.