Monday, March 29, 2010

reallifedeals is down!

Ugh...... Right now is down.  Sorry folks.  I don't know what is going on.  I think the newspaper is working on the image header etc.  I hope!  But no problem..... I'm still posting the deals on the facebook page.  Just log in to your facebook count and type in Reallifedeals.  There you go!  More great savings even while the blog is down! 

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Email sign up ready on the new blog

Thanks to the hard work from the people at AMNews, I now have email sign up option on my new blog! That means you can click here to become a subscriber. Now every day you should receive one email with a list of all the money-saving deals that I’ve posted for the last 24 hours.

See you over there at!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lowes Build and Grow Clinic - Basketball Game

Need something fun to do this weekend with your kids?

Lowes is having another Build & Grow Clinic - FREE of course. It's a classic toy that we all grew up with! Bring your child in this week and they can build this cool Kaleidoscope!  March 27 from 10-11.

Click here to sign up.

Each child receives a free apron and a patch from each clinic that you can sew on their apron.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just a reminder -

Hey folks......
Just wat to remind you that I've moved to a new name and new address.!
I've been blogging over there just as regularly as I blogged here.  So if you have a bookmark on your homepage, change it to Real Life Deals!  I'm still working on getting the email subscription changed over to the new site!

See you over there at


Monday, March 22, 2010

The new blog - Some answers to your questions.....

Here's some of the questions I'm getting about the move to a new blog.
  1. Is still Sharon's blog?  YES!  All I'm doing is changing names so you can have a shorter web address.  This will make it easier for you to remember where to go on the internet for great savings!
  2. Is Sharon getting paid for the new blog?  No.  I'm still just me!  Not getting a pay check or any monetary benefit from switching.  I am partnering with the Danville newspaper - Advocate Messenger to make this new blog come alive and will eventually have a link from the website.  But I am not going on staff at the newspaper.
  3. Is going to disappear?  Kind of.......The blog address you go to for daily deals called hereshatifound is just changing names.  That address is a huge mouthful and hard to remember so the new name Real Life Deals just makes life easier.
  4. Is the new blog going to have lots of advertisements and be tough to find my coupon links?  Definitely not!!!  I promise to not 'sell out' to advertisers.  I do hope to periodically tell you about certain businesses and companies that are saving me money and offer you special discounts!
So come on over to my new blog -!

(I'm still working on getting the email signup active!)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Where is Sharon?????

Are you wondering why there are no new posts yet today?  That's because I've moved!  Remember? 
I'm now at  Same blog - new name. 

I know some of you really like getting the daily emails telling you all the latest deals, so Monday morning I'm planning to get that in the works.  But for today, you'll have to click here to check out the daily deals!

Monopoly for $2.00!  Free card to a soldier! 2 more rebate offers!  How I organize coupons.......

See you at Real Life Deals!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The blog is moving!

Here's What I Found is moving!!!!  Our local newspaper, the Danville Advocate Messenger, has found my blog and is interested in helping more people find Real deals in Real Life.  So I'm moving to a new website:!  That's it!  My  new name is easier to remember and easier for you to tell your friends. 

My goal all along has been to help family and friends find ways to save money in real life.  So, I'm working to make your life even easier with a new name and new site. 

Come join me at Real Life Deals!

I'll be posting details about how to get the new blog in your email every day just like you already are doing.  I'm also working on making these deals available on Facebook for those of you who love FB and want everything there. 

There may be a few snags as I get switched over but hopefully the transition will be easy!  I'll keep on reminding you about the new site for the next week until we get the email subscriptions all transferred over. 

Come on over and see what you think.  It's a work in progress - but it sure is alot of fun!!!!

Toy Story DVD coupons

Disney has added Toy Story Coupons for the new blueray release.  Click here.

They also still have the Princess and Frog and Baby Einstein Coupons as well.

New Olay Body Quench Lotion Rebate

Olay is offering a new rebate on Body Quench Lotion.  Buy the lotion (Use a coupon! There's been several in the newspapers lately.)  Then submit for a full purchase price rebate!!!

Here's the form.  Must be purchase by April 16, 2010.

Thanks to CouponCravings for this tip.

New $3 Huggies Coupon

Become a fan of Huggies on Facebook and you can print another $3.00 Coupon!  Limited time offer.

Friday, March 19, 2010

How do you know if a coupon is legit?

This last week I had a cashier in another city very rudely try to accuse me of using a 'fake coupon'.   I nicely told her that I am very careful about my use of coupons and always check to make sure a coupon is legit before I use it.  She wanted to know what made me s special that I can spot a counterfeit coupon when she works at a big box store and can't even tell the difference. I told her that I'm no expert, but I have talked to multiple managers of stores and customer service reps to make sure I understood what makes a coupon 'legit'.

Here's my checklist of what makes a coupon legit:
  • A coupon must have a valid expiration date.  Very rarely will a real coupon not have a date.  (I think I have only seen about 3 coupons that don't have one.)
  • The purchase must match the wording on the coupon - doesn't have to match the picture.  Most coupons will show the most expensive version of the item.  I always check size and detail descriptions. 
  • There must be a "send to" address for the store. If there is no address, then the store won't be able to redeem the coupon and get their money. 
  • There must be a readable barcode.
  • Most coupon sites will only let you print of 2 copies.  If it is a 'pdf' file and allows unlimted prints, I am suspicious.  I only use pdf coupons when I can verify that the coupon is from a name brand site. 
  • I don't use coupons that say 'no internet redistribution' or have someone else's email address.  Alot of companies will send special coupons to their mailing list members.  Sometimes they allow you to share those coupons.  But most of the time you have to be a member of their mailing list to use that coupon.  You might be able to 'sneak' the coupon past a cashier, but I try very hard to not do that.
Have you ever tried to use a coupon and been told it was counterfeit?

New free ebooks available....

More free ebooks from Amazon!

Take One (Above the Line Series # 1)  Karen Kingsbury - FREE for limited time
A Rush of Wings (A Rush of Wings Series #1) (Bethany House) FREE for limited time
A Passion Most Pure (Daughters of Boston, Book 1) FREE for limited time

You don't have to have a kindle or itouch. Just read about the reader for PC here. It's of course free.

***I have not read these books yet so I am not suggesting that they are good reads. All I know is that I love exploring new authors and I love reading them on my portable itouch and I love the price!  These books rotate regularly.  Several of the books I listed last month are now back to full price $14.99.  I ended up finding several authors I really enjoyed! - for FREE

Happy reading!

$1.50 coupon for Mr Peanut

Become a fan of Mr Peanut and get a $1.50 off coupon.

New Huggies $3 Coupon

If you are buying diapers this week, there is a $3.00 coupon off ANY Huggies diaper here.

Extra Huggies discounts:  Make sure you save your receipts so you can submit for .75 rebate per pack of Huggies diaper from Caregivers Marketplace.  Read more details here.

Free Music from NPR

Download a free 11-song sampler of the artists featured by NPR Music and public radio stations at this March's South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas.

Free Subscription to CBS Watch!

CBS Watch! Magazine is published 6 times a year.  They are offering a free 3 year subscription to the first 50,000 readers who sign up.  We signed up for this offer the last time it was available.  If you enjoy watching CBS shows, you'll enjoy this magazine.

Click here to sign up.

***Remember, never give your credit card for an offer that says it is FREE

Thursday, March 18, 2010

How I plan to make money with my DVD purchase

Tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m. I was in Walmart with my 3 kids to buy Princess and the Frog.  Not because I couldn't wait  till later but because I needed it for a special surprise movie night with their cousins.  I bought the 3 DVD Blue Ray combo.  It was priced at 29.99.  (ouch!)  Then I had Walmart comp it for the Best Buy price which was 26.99 (better).  Then I used the 10.00 coupon off the DVD combo pack from here.  (Getting better!).  I paid 16.99 plus tax.

We watched it. and what did we think about it?   (This paragraph is purely my opinion!)  We didn't like it.  Sorry Princess and Frog fans  There were quite a few good moments that kind of redeemded the movie.  But the whole Voodoo emphasis with the Shadow Man and his shadow demons really disturbed the young kids in our family.  It was just nothing like I had imagined it to be.

So what do I do with a brand new movie that I don't want to keep?  I make money with it of course!

  • I of course entered the DVD movie reward points toward my next free gift. (Read details here)
  • I will buy 2 boxes of bandaids this week (with coupons) and get a $5.00 rebate.
    They are selling for 2.36 at Walmart
    Minus 1.00 coupon
    Since I have to buy 2 boxes, I will pay less than $3.00
    Profit 2.00!
  • I will probably buy 1 roll of tape and get another $5.00 rebate here.
    Don't know how much this Frogtape costs so I don't know how much profit this will be.
This afternoon I listed it on to sell for 19.95!  At 7:30 pm, I got an email telling me that it had sold!  So now to recap:  I paid $17 plus tax and now I will have $18.35 deposited back into my account.  Hmmmm..... I like the way this played out!

By the time, it is all done, I will end up having seen the movie, bought 2 boxes of bandaids (which I plan to buy anyway), gotten 125 points toward Disney Movie Rewards and made a few extra dollars!!!!

1.00 coupon for St. Ives products

Become a fan of St. Ives and receive an instant printable $1.00 coupon.  You can hit the back button a few times and get to print it twice.

Free sample of PSST Spray Shampoo

Click here to request a Free sample of PSSST spray shampoo.  When I signed up, I didn't put a phone number.  Instead in that blank I just put 'none'.  I also did not click to join the newsletter.  It still said my sample went through fine.

$2.00 coupon for Maybelline Eye Product

Click here for $2.00 off any Maybellie New York Eyestudio product

Pantene Sample for Facebook fans

Become a fan of Pantene on Facebook and get a free customized sample of the new Pantene. Look for the newest post by Pantene "As a Thank You to our Fans..." and click on the link to get your sample. You'll be asked if your hair is color-treated, fine, medium-thick, or curly so they can customize your sample.

Walmart Clearance Deals

If you're at Walmart in Danville, check out their clearance aisle of foods! (center aisle where all their normal clearance usually is, where toilet paper use to be!)  My friend Heather found Fisher nuts on sale for 1.00 per bag.  If you've been collecting coupons long, you probably have oodles of those $1.00 Fisher coupons.  She did and she racked up big!  Heather was able to get FREE bags of peanuts.  Since those freeze great, she will have a great supply on hand for months.  (trail mix, peanut brittle, ice cream toppings, snacks.....)

Also at Walmart last weekend they had kids Danskin tennis shoes size 1-3 for $5.00.  Since I gladly pay $2.00 for tennis shoes at yard sales, I felt like 5.00 for brand new shoes was a great price.  So of course I bought the current size plus the shoes for next year to start kindergarten!!!!
Last week my friend Starr scored big at Walmart in their clearance aisle - buying hair products for almost free.
Note to self:  Always check the clearance sections of the stores.  You can use coupons even if something is on clearance!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Coupons for Dove Shampoo and Body Wash

Click here to print a coupon for $2.00 off Dove Hair Care (shampoo or conditioner) and $1.25 coupon for Dove Body Wash.

Free postcards to family!

It's been a while since I reminded you about free postcards!

Hippopost! Here's what it is. You create a postcard from your computer, then hippopost mails an actual postcard to your friend or family. It is free - of course. We use this about once a week so the kids can create mail for grandparents and cousins. You can send 2 per day. (This does take a while to get to the person..... but hey.... it's free! and the grandparents love it!)

Here's how you do it...
  1. Go to
  2. Bottom right corner of screen - click on hippopost online- try hippo
  3. You will need to login at top of right corner
  4. If this is your first time, click on login - then it will give you a place to register
  5. Now is the fun part - you can upload a picture or use a set picture they already have (We always like to upload a pic of the kids)
  6. Click next at bottom right
  7. Fill in the address and note you want on the postcard
  8. click next
  9. you can preview your post here
  10. click mail
  11. You then get to choose from at least one advertiser who will pay the postage (usually it's a hotel chain or resort)
  12. Occasionally there will be no free postcards available. This happens when they have all been sent for that day. If that happens, I just wait and send the card the next day.
  13. You will get a confirmation email but no junk mail from them.
  14. It usually takes at least a week (sometimes a few days more) for the people to get their postcard but it's worth it when the kids go see grandparents and see the postcards on the refrigerator!
Happy hippopost!

$1 for Sunsilk Hair Product

Click here for $1.00 coupon for Sunsilk Hair Product

$2.00 coupon for Visine

Click here for a $2 off 1 Visine coupon.  Some people are reporting that CVS carries a small travel size bottle for only 1.99.  Since the coupon says ANY size, this would work.

I already made my CVS run this week so I don't know.  I'll check it out next time I go. 

Free DVDs/ CDs/ Books

I just got an email telling me that I was going to get a Third Day CD and Mannheim Steam Roller Christmas CD in the mail this week for FREE! Last week I got a BuildABear Wii game in the mail FREE!  How is that happening?  Easy!  I'm going to swap 3cds/books I no longer want with people I have never met who live in another state.  They don't want the cds they have and they do want what I have - so we're just going to swap! The only cost?  The price of media mail (about $2.00 each).

 If you are interested in getting rid of your unwanted books, cds, dvds, or videogames and swapping them for something you do want, here's what you do!
  1. Sign up at
  2. Gather your stuff you want to get rid of.
  3. Create your account - no credit card required of course!
  4. Just type in the upc or isbn number of the item in the box
  5. Swaptree will automatically bring up the picture and description of item
  6. You tell what kind of condition the item is in
  7. Once you have listed all the things you have.... it's time to find the items you want
  8. Type in the search box the item you would like to have
  9. Click on 'want it'
  10. Then comes the fun part. - Swaptree will match you with someone who has what you want and wants what you have
  11. you will get an email asking if you want to 'accept this trade'.
  12. You type in your password and say accept
  13. Then you mail your item to them and they mail you the item you want.
Win -win for everyone! It's fun to think that we 'swap' stuff with people all over the country! For the price of shipping (media mail is super cheap -usually under $2 for most items) you get a new dvd, cd or book you want and you clean out your closet! We've completed over 100 swaps since we first joined and have had really good experience with the people involved!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why join Vocalpoint? - Free Puffs to Go

Why join Vocalpoint? - for Free stuff and lots of coupons - of course! This is a free group to join (no credit card of course). You do have to register and fill in some information. Periodically they will send you free coupons in the mail! Yesterday I got a full size bottle of Pantene Shampoo.  A few weeks ago I got a sample size box of cereal plus a stack of coupons for Kashi Cereal (1 free box and abbout 6 coupons for $1.50 off)

In the past few months, I have gotten high value coupons for pantene hair shampoo, free Bounce bar, Dole fruit, coupon for a free box of Rice Krispies and 6 more coupons for $1.00 off Rice krispies. 4 coupons for 1.50 off the Bounce Dryer Bar, Buy one get one free Frosted Mini Wheats cereal + 5 other coupons for $1 off any box of Kelloggs Frosted Wheats), free Starkist tuna pouch and a free box of kashi cereal bars - These items always come with coupons.

Today if you are member (or join) you can request a Puffs Plus to go.

Over 2000 audio books for FREE!

My kids listen to stories on their cd player every night to go to sleep.  They have listened to "Jesus Stories" from CD's that we found at the Dollar Tree several years ago, Disney stories, Dr. Seuss, Froggy stories and many many more!  They love listening to the stories and we love that they are hearing great books and stories nightly.  The problem is that they have now listened to their stories so much that they have most of them memorized.  So I am thrilled to find this site from University of Florida with tons of classics for FREE!  (Aesops Fables, Tales of Peter Rabbit, Count of Monte Cristo......)

You can download these stories and listen on your computer or on the go with your itunes device or mp3 player.  Here's how to get the stories:

For your computer or mp3 player:
  1. Go here.
  2. Click on "Browse By Author"
  3. Pick an author
  4. Click on your story
  5. Scroll down and right click on 'download mp3"
  6. In the pop up tab - select 'save target as'
  7. Name the file
  8. Save
or Download to your itunes device:
  1. Open your itunes account.
  2. Search itunes store for "USF Lit2Go"
  3. ITunesU - click on "see all"
  4. Click on the book you are interested in.
  5. The book will appear in your ITunesU tab in your itunes library.

Surveys on your receipt?

Have you seen the customer satisfaction surveys on your receipts?  Captain D's offered a $2.00 coupon for calling and telling about my recent visit.  10 minutes later, I hung up because I was bored and it just wasn't worth my time. 

Rite Aid and CVS often offer a sweepstakes entry for your feedback.  Gordmans and JCPenny often offer 15% or 20% on your next visit.

Do you ever respond to these offers?  Occasionally I will call - especially if I know I am planning to revisit their store and I want that % off coupon.  Most of the time, to me - they are a waste of time.  Just my opinion (for what it's worth...)

Georgia Pacific $5 Rebate

Georgia Pacific is offering a $5 Rebate when you buy $20 of participating products between 3/11/10 and 4/18/10.

I called the company today to double check and Angel Soft IS included!!!!  It is listed as an Everyday Essentials brand even though it is not included in the picture.  Yay!!!!!

Here's a link to the rebate form.

That means hat my great deals on Angel Soft Toilet Paper just got sweeter!

There is also an Angel Soft coupon here if you have not printed it before.

Free spelling word helper online

My son just brought home this awesome link from school -!  I can type in his spelling words and it will give him games, practice and tests using those words!  It is, of course, FREE!

He didn't even mind when I made him work on his spelling words yesterday!

Monday, March 15, 2010

1.50 coupon for Oscar Mayer Bacon

Update:  Heather & Jenn have a great option for using this coupon!  I have not done this deal yet but I am excited at the possibilities!  Food Lion has Oscar Mayer Bacon on buy one get one free till Wednesday (I think). Plus if you buy 2 you should get a $1 catalina printed off for your next order. Wow - that would make quite a deal!

Wow!  What a coupon - $1.50 off 1 pack of Oscar Mayer Bacon.  You can hit your back button and print it twice!

This site says they will have new coupons coming soon! 

Thanks lazy1608!

New printable coupons (and some favorites)

Click here or cliick on the coupon button on the right of the blog to print some great coupons.  Some of these are 'old favorites' that I always print and a few new ones too.

.50 off Any variety Green Giant Fresh steamers (these go on sale at least once a month for 1.28 at Kroger; making them .28 each.  I always print this coupon whenever I see it because we love these.  Then when they go on sale, I have lots of coupons so I can stock up!)

1.00 off any Johnso's baby product (you can use these for the 30 count Johnsons baby qtips for .97 at Walmart or usually for the Buddies soap that is around 1.00 at most stores.)

1.00 off any Kotex product (pantiliners are always 1.00 at Walmart) = FREE

1.00 off any one McCormick Spice, herb, extract or food color (I have been able to use these to buy the little spice packs for chili, slow cooker, tacos, meatloaf etc..... making them free at Kroger or Walmart)

1.50 off any Right Guard Total Defense (I don't know if these are included in this weeks CVS deal but they will surely be on sale soon if they aren't right now.  This is a high value coupon that won't be arond long.  Definite print!)

More free Kotex

In case you don't have a lifetime supply already, here's another sample of Kotex pads. I have not paid money for pads or tampons in 2 years and these samples are a huge reason why!

This sample comes with 2 tampons, 1 pantilliner and 1 pad. 

***There is still a $1.00 coupon for any Kotex product on the coupon button on the right side of the blog or click here.  Since pantiliners are always 1.00 at Walmart, you can pick up a pack free.  (Don't forget to save the box top label on the package so you can support your local school!)

Free sample of Ritz Munchables.

Become a fan of Ritz Munchables and request a free sample.  It will take you to a 'start sampling' sign up page.  Limit one per household.

Don't let your rebate card expire!

Yesterday I was standing in the checkout at Walmart line when the lady in front of me tried to use a prepaid gift card she had received as a rebate.  When it wouldn't work, she was shocked.  The cashier checked the card and it had expired on Feb 28.  Oops!  The lady was understandably disappointed.  How can you avoid this happening?

When you receive the card, make sure you activate it.  Then use it!  That week!  I always use those rebate gift cards the following week on the purchases I plan to make anyway.  That way the rebate money doesn't get wasted by expiring.

I love getting my rebates but they're no good if they expire!

Medicine Coupons

It may be March but people are still dealing with colds.  So, here are some coupons to help us keep a heathy wallet.

Click here to print a $1 coupon for Tylenol product. You can also print $1 - $2 coupons for several other Tylenol coupons on the same site.

Click here for 1.50 coupon for Triaminic product.

Click here for a Dimetapp Coupon

2.00 Coupon for Robitussin

1.00 coupon for any Motrin product

Coupons from a Managers perspective

In the last 6 weeks I have spoken with managers from CVS and Rite Aid.  It's been enlightening to hear their perspective about our coupon use.  Here's the gist of the conversations.  

They love....
  • when we come to their store and use our coupons! 
  • when we smile and are pleasant while we shop and check out. 
  • when we are careful about making sure our coupons match the product we are purchase. 
  • when we are considerate of others waiting in line behind us. 
Here's what drives them nuts:
  • when we have 4 transactions and don't step aside for those waiting in line.
  • when we try to use a coupon that doesn't match the product.
  • when we get to the counter, can't find a coupon and make everyone wait while we look.
  • when we blame them for running out of an advertised special. 
And guess what the most interesting thing was about the conversations?  These managers use coupons too!

Coupon for RID Lice Remover

Click here to print $2.00 coupon for RID Lice Remover.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Free Mp3 Download - The Doors

FREE MP3 The Doors – Five To One (Live in Pittsburgh, May 2, 1970) Download.

CVS deals

CVS deals for the week:

Transaction #1:
Buy 2 Glade Sense & Spray 6.00 each
Use 3.00 coupon for both
Total:  6.00 out of pocket
Get 4.00 extra bucks

Transaction #3:
Buy 2 Right Guard Deodorants 5.00
Use $2.00 off 2 coupon from coupon button on right of blog --->
Buy 1 Herbal Essences or Aussie Shampoo or Conditioner 2.99
Use $1.00 coupon from today's newspaper.
Total before coupons 7.99
Use $3.00 in coupons
Use 5.00 extra bucks from first transaction
Spend $0 (maybe tax)
Get $2.00 extra bucks from Right Guard
Get $1.00 extra bucks from shampoo

Now you have $3.00 in extra bucks that you can save for next week.  Sometimes I will save the extra bucks and other times I will go ahead and buy something with it that I was planning to buy at Walmart or Kroger for the week.  (coffee, jelly, oatmeal, cereal etc.....)

Coupons in USA Weekend

When you're collecting your coupons from the Sunday paper, don't forget to flip through the USA Weekend (or Parade depending on your paper).  Today in the USA Weekend there is a coupon for Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Hasbro card game. 

In theory, you should be able to use 2 coupons from here to buy the first 2 card games and then the FREE coupon for the 3rd.  Since Monopoly Deal is usually selling for 5.24 then with this 5.00 coupon you will pay .24 for the first 2 games and then free for the 3rd. 

3 games for less than 1.00 - Great Christmas or birthday gifts to stock up on!

Insanely cheap toilet paper this week!!!!!

I get excited when I get Angel Soft toilet paper for .11 per roll.  BUT this week is absolutely crazy.  Rite Aid is advertising Angel Soft 4 pack toilet paper for .79 each.  Hopefully you called Georgia Pacific last week when I reminded you here because if you did you should be getting 4 coupons for .55 each in the mail tomorrow or Tuesday.  If you didn't call already, you can call every 2 weeks. 1-800-283-5547.  Go call first thing Monday morning and maybe you're coupons will get here before Saturday.  No guarantee.

4 pack Angel Soft toilet paper - .79
Use 4 coupons .55 each
Pay .24 per pack

4 packs of Angel Soft TP (4 rolls in each pack) - 16 rolls or toilet paper - TOTAL = .96!!!

Thats 4 packs for less than $1.00!!!!  Now that's Insane!

$5 coupon for Payless

Become a fan of Payless and print a $5.00 coupon to use at Payless Shoe Store.

Coupon expires 3/15/10.  So you have to go shopping there today or tomorrow. 

Kroger instant win game!

  1. Go here to play the Kroger Instant Win Hit the Hoops Game.
  2. Click on Get Started
  3. You will need to sign in
  4. Shoot the basketball
  5. You may win a prize. ( They load the coupon on to my Kroger card. Chris said she just won a 4 pack Reeses Cup pack. I haven't won again since the first 2 days.  Oh well...)
  6. You can play once every day.
You may or not win an instant coupon but it's worth a shot (no pun intended).

Coupons from Right at Home

Click here to print coupons from Right at Home (including Glade Sense & Spray).

These are on sale this week at CVS!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

5 free Disney points!

If you collect Disney Movie Reward points, you can get 5 free points by signing into your account and entering code FM39V03SSW.

Don't forget to use the code 'i' too for 10 more points.

Don't collect Disney points yet? Read my post here to see why this is a great club to join.

Pull Ups Printable Coupon

Click here for a printable coupon for Pull Ups Training Pants.  (I received the link in my email but since my kids no longer need this product, I don't know how much the coupon is worth.  I don't think I'll print it and use my ink just to find out.  I'll let it be a surprise for you :-).

How to get local things free (or cheap)!

Do you have stuff you no longer want sitting in your garage? You can post it on the internet in a group where others will see it. If they want it, they email you and then will come pick it up. It works the other way too. If you are looking for something, you post that you need it. Someone else realizes they have it and they email you. You then drive over and pick it up - for free!

I have been able to pass along several Little Tikes outdoor toys that we no longer needed to someone who needed them.  I picked up a huge bean bag chair one time for free!  I drove out and picked up 30 tomato cages for our garden and saved my family about $30.00.  We gave away a working tv that we didn't need anymore.  I could tell you tons of examples of ways these groups have saved us money and kept stuff out of the landfill.   Win Win!

It's called freecycle! Here's a link to several of the local chapters....
or here's a link to find your local chapter.

If you are wanting to sell or buy something for cheap - try this group...
Danville Cheapcycle

Another option that works really well is Craigslist.  I just posted some stuff on craigslist so read on for details about how to post something on Craigslist.

How to post things on Craigslist

Craigslist is a nationwide forum where you can find and post items for sale or for free.  A friend recently found a washer and dryer in excellent condition for a much reduced price.  I have a family member who sold a flat screen tv.

The great thing about Craigslist is that there are no fees and you don't ship your items.  Everything is arranged between the 2 individuals (buyer and seller) including where to meet and how much to pay.

***Word of caution:  If you are nvolved in a transaction, you should always arrange to meet in a public place where you can meet the other individual involved.  Safety should always be a first priority.

Posting items on Craigslist:
  1. Click here to start.
  2. Pick your location.
  3. Choose your category.
  4. Click on Post in top right corner.
  5. Choose your next sub category.
  6. Type your title and description.
  7. You will need to give an email address to use for correspondence.  (You can make it anonymous so the public will not see your email address.)
  8. Proof your post.
  9. Agree to terms and conditions with a click.
  10. Type verification word
  11. You will get an email asking you to verify your post. 

Playgrounds in the Mall

I think that most everyone who has ever been to a mall knows that kids get tired of shopping.  That's why some genius began creating playgrounds in the middle of the mall where kids and parents can regroup. 

The Lexington Fayette Mall has a kids area that is enclosed with only one entrance - making it easy to feel more secure.   There is a place for the kids to take off their shoes and padded benches around the entire fenced in area for the parents to relax while the kids play.  There are several 'baby themed' toys for the kids to climb on and through (a spilled bottle of milk, big alphabet blocks, teddy bear and rubber duck).  About once a month, when we go to the mall to pick up all my free stuff I've collected, this is a standard highlight.

Do you have pictures of any of the mall playgrounds available near you?  I'd love to see what your mall playgrounds look like!  These make for great places for the kids to recharge their batteries and gives us moms time to reorganize the coupons for the next shopping adventure!

$1 Coupon for Rayovac Batteries

Become a Facebook Fan of Rayovac to get a $1/1 printable coupon.

Up to $5 coupon for Scotts Fertilizer

Click here to sign up for Scotts Advantage Fertilizer coupon up to $5

Friday, March 12, 2010

Puts it in perspective.....

Just a personal note....

This week at my son's school, a small kindergartener lost her life in a car accident.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family, close friends and school mates.  It's a tough time.

In my quest for coupons, deals and saving money somthing like this brings it all back into perspective.  The reason I save money and hunt the deals is to make my family life easier and fun.   I am more thankful today than ever before for family and friends who share my life!

$1 off 2 Boxes of Stove Top Stuffing

Click here to print a coupon for $1.00 off 2 boxes of Stove Top Stuffing.

Thanks Charlotte!

Possible Free Sausage Gravy at Kroger

Click here to register for a $1.00 coupon off on any Tennessee Pride fully cooked product. Some people have found that Kroger has the sausage gravy on sale this week for $1 so when you use your coupon it makes it "FREE".

***I haven't been back to Kroger yet to get this but I can't wait to try it out.

Free sample Purex 3-in-1 Laundry sheets

This sample was first posted back in January but it is still available.  I just got my sample in the mail yesterday.  I can't wait to try these out and see how they work. 

Go here to get a free 2-load sample of Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets

Danville Walmart clearance items

Thanks to Heather for this heads up...... Our Walmart in Danville is doing some major reorganizing.  That means they are putting quite a bit of stuff on clearance.  If you look over near the old Pharmacy area, there are several items marked for 50% off.  I plan to check and see what is still there later on this morning.

Remember - you can still use coupons on clearance items!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Steel Magnolia "Keep on Lovin' You" Free Mp3

In celebration of Steel Magnolia's Academy Of Country Music Awards Top New Vocal Duo nomination -Click Here to Get: Steel Magnolia "Keep on Lovin' You" Mp3

***I haven't downloaded this song yet.   Thanks to for this music alert.

Fazolis Deals

Check your email account.  If you have signed up for Fazolis club, you may have gotten a $5.00 coupon off a Family Meal!  I think the Family Meals start at 14.99 but I'm not sure.  It says that 'internet redistribution is prohibited, so I can't post the link.  Sorry.

If you have not signed up for Fazolis' Efamily, you can click here.  It's free and fast.

PLUS - don't forget you can get a new coupon each week here.  This week it is free kids meal with purchase of one adult entree.

Princess and Frog Coupon and Rebates

Go HERE to print a $10 off coupon for Disney's The Princess and the Frog DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack. This movie will be released on Tuesday, March 16th.

(This is the same link I gave you last week for the Baby Einstein DVD $5.00 coupon.  That one is still availble here as well.)

There are also the following rebates available:
  • Buy any Frog Tape Multi Surface tape and the movie and get $5.00 back HERE.
    (This offer was available in the newspaper a few weeks ago.)
  • Buy 2 participating Band-Aid products and the movie and get $5.00 back HERE.
    (There have been coupons for bandaid products recently in the newspaper.)

Free sample of Downy Fabric Softener

Click here for a free sample of Downy Fabric Softener (No Sams Club membership required)

Planning to shop at Lowes?????

If you are planning to do any shopping at Lowes, you may want to consider this. We have gone on Ebay and purchased Lowes 10% coupons 3 different times because it has saved us lots of money!  (These Lowes Coupons are the only coupons I purchase on ebay.  I am able to find my other coupons in newspapers and online.)

By doing a quick search on Ebay, we were able to find a group of 10% coupons for around $10.   We recently saved $88 on a project ourselves and were able to pass on a couple to family members where they were able to save close to $100 on their purchase. 

If you're planning to do any home improvement projects, this may be beneficial.

Here's where it gets even better!  Before you make your purchase on Ebay, make sure you sign up at Mr Rebates first.  (It is FREE to sign up and you get a $5.00 bonus just for signing up.  Then you will get 3% for every ebay purchase you make!  Read here for details on the Mr Rebates program.)

$5 Rebate when you buy $20 Georgia Pacific Products

Thanks to Jenn for letting me know about this!

***Today in my mail, I got a RedPlum ad insert.  On the front page it has a $5 rebate when you buy $20 participating Georgia Pacific Products.  Since Angel Soft is a GP product, I wonder (as does Jenn) if this is going to be an awesome deal! So I called GP customer service today and asked.  They are not clear whether Angel Soft will be included in this rebate offer. But the representative assured me she will call me within a day or two to let me know.  I'll keep you updated!

Send in completed form OR hand print your name,complete address, date of birth and phone number on a piece of paper and send with the original cash register tape dated between 3/11/2010 and 4/18/2010 totaling $20 worth of participating brands with the purchase amount(s) circled and the original UPCs cut from the package.

Mail to

GP Everyday Essentials
PO Box 6001
Morton Grove, IL 60053
  • Must be postmarked by 5/18/2010.
  • Each submission must be mailed separately.
  • Limit one per household address.
  • Void in Maine and New York
Participating brands that are listed on the form...
  • Brawny paper towel products
  • Quilted Northern bath Tissue products
  • Vanity Fair napkins products
  • Vanity Fair plates and bowl products
  • Dixie bath cup products
  • Dixie Perfec touch grab and go products

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Free Hand Lotion at Aveda

If you plan to be near the mall anytime soon, print this coupon out to get a FREE hand lotion from Aveda. 

The closest store for me is Lexington Fayette Mall.  Of course, I won't drive there just for free hand lotion but if I happen to be in Lexington anyway...... better believe I'll drop by and pick up my free lotion! :-)

coupon expires June 30, 2010

***This coupon for a 3 pack of Hair care products is also available if you haven't used it yet.

$10 off $20 coupon for Kohls

Kohls $10/$20 coupon exp. 3/14

***I used this coupon on Thursday with no problem!!!

Free Sample - Astroglide Lubricant

Click here to request a free sample of Astroglide Lubricant.

Angel Soft Toilet Paper - .18 per roll! (maybe even better)

I always buy toilet paper by figuring how much each roll cost. My goal is .11 per roll! Here's how you can get that too!

Every 2 weeks, you can call Georgia Pacific to request 4 Angel Soft Toilet paper coupons. The first time you will need to give your name and information. After that, they will just confirm the info. The rep has always been extremely nice.

The 4 coupons are for .55 off any Angel Soft TP. I will watch and wait till Krogers puts them on sale for 1.00. This is about once a month. Walmart usually sells the 4 pack for $1.28 so it is still only .18 a roll if they're not on sale.

You can call every 2 weeks. 1-800-283-5547

Coupons from Hormel

Log in here to print coupons from Hormel.

Save $0.55 on any two (2) HORMEL® COMPLEATS® microwave meals. Any variety.
Save $0.55 on one (1) HORMEL® NATURAL CHOICE® Deli Sandwhich Meat. Any variety.
Save $1.00 on any one (1) HORMEL® Refrigerated Entree. Any variety.
Save 55¢ on any two (2) HORMEL® Chili. Any variety.
Save $1.00 on any one (1) HORMEL® ALWAYS TENDER® product. Any variety.
Save $0.75 on any one (1) HORMEL® CHILI MASTER® chili products. Any variety.

Update on Third Party Billing

Last week I told you here about Third Party Billing and how companies have a legal way to add charges to your phone bill without you agreeing to it.  It is completely and ethically wrong in my opinion. 

Today I got my phone bill and just like I had thought I had a $13 charge - plus tax of course.  Supposedly the company is crediting my statement but it will take at least one or two billing cycles to see that credit.  Hmmmm......  I will be waiting and watching!

If you have not called your phone company and requested that third party billing be blocked, I would read my original post - then make that call! 

***Third Party billing is also referred to on your bill as Enhanced Billing Options.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dollar General accepts coupons

Last night I bought a box of Celestial Seasonings Flavored Tea for $0 at Dollar General Store.  It had a clearance sticker that said $1.00 and I had a manufacturers coupon for $1.00.  Since they accept coupons (not internet generated but coupons from newspapers and magazines), I was able to get it for FREE.

I guess I'll be looking in their clearance section when I'm in there occasionally.

How to start your savings adventure!

This is a repost for my new readers who are just joining us today.

So you want to start saving money but "But where do you start?"

These are the top things I suggest you do to get started:
  1. Subcribe to this blog.
    Enter your email address on the right.
    Check your email account and click on the activate link.
    You will receive 1 email each day with a list of all the deals.
  2. Call Colgate-Palmolive and request coupons. You need these coupons asap so you can get really cheap deodorant, toothpaste, and detergent.
  3. Call Georgia Pacific and request coupons for Angel Soft Toilet paper. You need these 4 coupons so you can toilet paper for under a quarter a roll at Walmart!
  4. Sign up for swagbucks and start earning bucks to use on
  5. Click on the Coupons Button on the right side of the blog to print coupons. (They change every month and you can print them twice)
  6. If you shop at Kroger, load free ecoupons to your Kroger card.

GeoTrax FREE DVD from Mattel

Here's another free DVD for the kids from Mattel.
It says it will ship in 12-14 weeks.

*** This offer has been around since last Summer but it is still available.  We ordered our copy last summer and the kids loved it!   Even if you don't have young kids, this free DVD is a great idea for a grandchild or nephew's birthday.  You can send it in the mail as a gift for very cheap out of pocket.  We have a aunt (Thanks Stephanie) who often sends the kids free DVDs like this for their birthdays and they always make a great hit!!!

Printable Coupons from Betty Crocker

Click here to print over $15.00 in coupons for Betty Crocker products.  I didn't print them all since I don't need all those products but there are some great ones to match with Kroger sales this week:

.50 coupon for Green Giant Frozen Steamers (on sale for 1.28)
coupon will double making them each .28!

.40 coupon for Betty Crocker mashed potato pouches (on sale for .67)
coupon will automatically double up to .67 making them FREE

.50 coupon for Cake Icing (on sale for 1..50)
Coupon doubles - .50 each

.40 coupon for kids trix yogurt or gogurt (on sale for 2.00)
Coupon doubles - 1.20 for 6 pack

.40 coupon for Fiber One bars (on sale for 2.29)
Coupon doubles - 1.49  (not free but a good price for these)

New Hasbro coupons!!!

Just in time...... my toy coupons are all expiring. So Hasbro decided to release new toy coupons - and there are some great ones too!

Click here to print your coupons.
A few of my favorites.......
  • $5 off any $20 Star Wars Toy Purchase (I had 3 of these left over from when they were printed last Fall. So over the weekend, I took my son - who is a HUGE Star Wars fan and let him pick out 3 figures that cost $6 each. (That way, there was one new toy for each of my kids. I told him that if the coupons worked, we would buy all 3. Otherwise - no new toys today. We went through the check out at Walmart and they worked perfect! Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. Kind of depends on the cashier at Walmart. We were able to get 3 Star Wars toys that should have been $18 for only $3.00 total!!!! I'm definitely printing this coupon out as many times as it will let me!!!!
  • $5 off any $20 Strawberry Shortcake Purchase
  • $5 off any Monopoly Game - Walmart has the Monopoly deal card game for 5.24. An awesome card game for less than a quarter!!!!!!
There are 3 pages of coupons!!!! Hooray!

Good toy.....Good price

If you have ever been shopping for toys with my kids, you have probably heard them say this: "We know Mom, We can only get the toy if it is a good toy and a good price!" This works for all toy shopping -from yard sales to Goodwill, Salvation Army or ToysRus. Even when they are with others, I've heard reports of them telling grandparents the same line.

We're working to teach our kids that just because they like a toy, it doesn't mean they can buy it. It has to be a quality toy for a good price.

Surely, you all do the same thing. But I thought I might as well make a quick note about it.

When the kids do good at the doctors office or we want to do something special for them out of the clear blue, it's fun to be able to drop by a store and know that we can look for a toy and not have to worry about them having a meltdown if we don't find a 'good toy' at a 'good price'.

You'd be amazed at all the good toys we've found for really 'good prices'. Or maybe you wouldn't be amazed...... because you're probably finding just as many great deals too!

Monday, March 8, 2010

$5 off $25 Rite Aid coupon

Link to $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon

expires 3/31/10

New Cellfire Coupons for Kroger

If you shop at Kroger, don't forget to load these free ecoupons on your Kroger card from They've got new ones posted.

All you do is register, (or login), then make sure you've added your Kroger Card number.

Select your coupons you like (There are yoplait, Green Giant, Lucky Charms, pillsbury, hamburger helper, Betty Crocker, Hot pockets.....) NO coupon clipping required! :-)

These coupons should automatically come off your receipt before you use your paper manufacturer coupons!

Just a note of thanks!

Thanks Chris for going through the entire month of January to help me weed out old links to coupons and samples that are no longer valid! I appreciate it!

Kroger deals that I like - week 2

Kroger is running week 2 of the same deals as last week but here's a recap and a few additions:

Danville Kroger usually has discount baskets located throughout the store with items marked down. Occasionally they offer some really good possibities.....
Yesterday I saw that they have some Head and Shoulders shampoo, Gillette mens shampoo and some other hair products that you may have coupons to match. Always worth looking.

Betty Crocker instant potatos packet - .67
Use the .40 coupon from the coupon button on the right
or use the .40 coupon here
or .40 coupon here
Load .40 ecoupon from Shortcuts - bonus savings!
Coupon doubles to make it FREE

Green Giant Frozen Steamers - 1.28
Use .50 coupon here
or .50 coupon here
Coupon doubles to make it .28 each

Energizer Max batteries - 1.00 each
If you still have the coupons that were available last Fall for .75 each
Total - .25 per pack!

Fiber One Granola Bars - 2.29
Use .40 coupon from coupon button on the right
or use the .40 coupon here
Load .40 ecoupon from Cellfire - bonus savings!
Total - 1.09

Kroger brand ammonia - clearance price .77

Dawn Direct Foam dish detergent - 1.99
Use 1.50 coupon from Home Made Simple book that you may have received
Total - .49

Trix Yogurt - 2.00
Use .40 coupon from here
or Use .40 coupon from coupon button on the right
If you buy 2 - use the .80 coupon from Cellfire

Free sample of John Frieda Hair care

To receive samples of Luxurious Volume Full Splendor® Shampoo (.28 oz.) and Luxurious Volume Full Splendor® Conditioner (.28 oz.), please submit the request form below.

Link to offer

Free Pure and Clear Facial Wash Sample!

Clean and Clear Facial Wash is like liquid soap. It is easy to use and easy to apply as well in your face. Just put a little face wash or soap in your wet hand, then scrub it in your face. It can really clean your face effectively.

There are 5,000 samples of Nelsons Pure & Clear Purifying Daily Facial Wash to give away for free.

Fill in the form below to get your free sample (answer at the end is “the answer is Tea Tree, Arnica, Calendula, Hypericum”)

Free Pure and Clear Facial Wash Sample!

**This offer is available in the US (of course) but also in the UK!!!!

Free Johnsons Baby Oil

Johnson’s Baby Oil travel size is priced at $1 at Walmart
Use: $1 Johnson’s Baby Oil Printable Coupon

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Book review of Lies My Government Told Me

I recently received the book “Lies My Government Told Me” by Andrew P. Napolitano as a complimentary copy from Thomas Nelson publishers in exchange for posting a review.

When I first saw that this book was forwarded by Congressman Ron Paul who is not one of the typical people I like…. I was expecting a politically one sided book. Instead, I was very pleasantly surprised to find a book full of references to historical writing and actual events rather than just one man’s biased political ramblings. Judge Napolitano wrote this book with little personal bias and instead allows the reader to draw their own conclusions by using little known but factual rulings from the Supreme Court that have great historical impact.

This book challenges the reader to not believe everything they are told but instead encourages each reader to draw their own conclusions. The book addresses the history of our government and how even our founding fathers had inconsistencies in what they told the American people. Government inconsistency is not something new.

From the concept of “All are created equal to the right of all citizens to own their own property or carry arms” we as Americans have come to believe that these are true statements. However, after reading this book, I have a feeling I will be evaluating the claims and statements by our government with a different perspective.

Danville Kmart update

There are 7 days left till the Danville Kmart closes for good. But as of today (Sunday) they are still accepting coupons.

I went today and didn't buy anything with coupons. The only thing I found was some socks and panties for the kids next fall.

They are getting pretty low but there still may be a few deals. They will be changing the percentages off several times this week.

If you plan to spend at least $50 before coupons, use this coupon.
$5/$50+ Printable valid 3/7 – 3/13/10

CVS Coupon printer update

Today the coupon printer at CVS gave out new coupons! Finally!

$1.00 off any CVS brand paper towelOn sale this week for 1.29
Single roll - .29 each

$1.00 off 3 CVS toothbrushesI don't know how this will make for a free or cheap deal but we'll see.....

Local Coupon Swap

Thanks so much to Angelia and Charlotte (and of course their courier - Keshia) for delivering hundreds of coupons to my doorstep yesterday! It was a bonanza!!!! I was able to find a whole stack of coupons that I plan to use this week to score some great deals! Thanks a ton!

Several weeks ago, I met Elaine and Heather at the library to swap coupons. It was fun to share coupons and ideas. Maybe sometime in the near future we can arrange to use a study room at the library (or a classroom at a local school) to have a big local coupon swap! Wouldn't that be fun!

CVS deals for the week....

Here's my favorite deals for the week:

Don't forget to scan your CVS card at the coupon scanner (the big red box at the front of the store).

Gillette Deodorant 3.99
Use coupon- buy deodorant and get free Gillette body wash from todays newspaper
Pay 4.00 plus tax
Get 1.00 extra bucks

Dawn Dish Soap .97
Dawn Hand Renewal is also included for .97
Use the .50 coupon from todays newspaper to get it for .50
or Use the 1.00 coupon from the Home Made Simple booklet that you may have ordered last month to get it free

Oral B Cross Action toothbrush 4.00
Use .75 coupon that has been in recent newspapers
Pay 3.25
Get 4.00 extra bucks

Nivea Lip Care 2.99
Get 2.99 back in extra bucks

$10 Free Target card with new prescription

$10 Free Target gift card with purchase of NEW or transfer prescription in today's newspaper.

No Target nearby? No problem. If you need to fill a new prescription before March 22, just take this coupon to your local CVS and you will only pay for your medicine and then they will you give you a FREE CVS gift card to use instantly!

I always hang on to these coupons in case one of my family members gets sick and needs medicine.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

$2 coupon for Post Cereal

If you missed this coupon back in January, it is still available. You can only print it once per computer though.

Register for your $2 coupon for Grape Nuts, Shredded Wheat, or Raisin Bran at the Post Natural Advantage website. Look at the bottom for the red "Register Now" button, they'll email you the coupon.

(Thanks to Freebies4Mom for this coupon alert.)

Speak Spanish? - Get a free Gillette Fusion Razor

If you can understand Spanish, you could get a free Gillette Fusion Razor!

Here's how:
(I think.....? - Since I can't speak Spanish and the entire call is in Spanish I can't tell you for sure. I hung up because I don't want to sign up for something when I can't understand wha'ts being said..... But this is what I've been told will work..... hmmmm :-)
  • Call 1-888-778-3221
  • Press #1 for free razor
  • Follow prompts
  • Do not press #3 for terms as the call will end
    expires 6/30/10

Thanks Coupons Deals and More

$1.00 coupon YoPlus

Click here for a $1.00 coupon for YoPlus or YoPlus Light. This email link came in my email so I think it should work. If it doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll try to send you the email link instead.

New survey site to join....

I am a member of Lightspeed Consumer Panel. I have been a member since last September and have earned $30.00 in Gift cards! This is a really easy survey site to earn money on. All you have to do is earn 550 points and you qualify for your first $5 gift card. Most of the surveys pay at least 75 points and some up to 300 or more.

There are tons of rewards - gift cards for Applebees, Chilis, CVS, money to paypal...... just tons of rewards to choose from.

Here's how it works:
  1. Join here.
  2. You will receive email invitations to surveys. Usually no more than 2-3 a week (if that many). There are other quick surveys you can complete that supposedly make you better matched to other surveys.
  3. I don't 'qualify' for about half of my survey invitations but the initial screenings only take a few minutes to see if I am going to get the full survey.
Here's a link if you want to join. I get no credit for you joining so I have no reason to suggest you join except that I find it a very easy program.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Third Party Billing - Legal but wrong!

I am very careful with what I sign up for online. But yesterday I got a small postcard from telling me thanks for signing up. If I wish to cancel my service, contact this number. Charges will appear on my local telephone bill! What in the world is this all about?!?!?!

I immediately called the number. I barely even cook hamburger helper or grill chicken so I know that I didn't sign up for a recipe club! I immediately canceled my service that I didn't sign up for and demanded (nicely but firmly) that I be credited this amount. That's now in process.

I was told that they had received my application - meaning they had my phone number, email address and mailing address. When I "signed up" I had agree to be charged $13.42 each month for this service. No way I did that! Then they charged my telephone number account - this is called Third Party Billing.

Today I have called my land line company (BellSouth/ATT) and my cell phone company (Verizon) to make sure this cannot happen again. I also called (a financial expert who specializes in making sure people spend wisely and don't get ripped off.)

Here's the ways to keep this from happening again.
  1. Call your phone company and request that you have a block put on your account for all third party billing charges. 2 phone calls and hopefully this will never happen again. Now if a company wants to charge you for something, they will have to do the old fashioned way - through the mail.
  2. Review all your credit card and phone statements on a regular basis to make sure nothing has sneaked past.
  3. Read your mail. If I had thrown away that postcard I would have been charged $13.42 every month until I happened to notice.
When I sign up for samples and coupons, I am putting my name, address, phone number and email address out there for companies to sell if they so choose. Does this mean I am going to stop signing up for samples and coupons? No way! I love getting them in the mail and that helps me save money for my family. This just means I am going to be even more aware and read the fine print more carefully to make sure they don't plan to sell my name to other companies.

Bath & Body Works free item with purchase

Here’s a new printable coupon good for a FREE Travel Size Signature Collection Item with any purchase (up to a $5 value). This coupon is valid through 3/24.

I got the pocket hand sanitizer last month for $1.00 plus tax and got the lotion item free. Great items for the purse.

Costumes on a budget

Connor's 2nd grade program was last night. That means we've been working on costumes and props for several weeks. What's the cheapest way to find costumes and props?

Here's what worked this time around:
  1. Tell everyone you know what you are looking for. I found a coat for Francis Scott Key, a dress for Martha Washington and Betsy Ross just by asking random people I met.
  2. Look through what you already have - Marth W, Betsy R and George Washington are wearing 'hair' from my craft box (and I don't even craft!). White snow cloth from Christmas or quilt batting is working great! Francis Scott Key is wearing boots that I found in my kids costume box.
  3. Salvation Army/GoodWill are great places to find pieces. I found the coat for George W at Salvation Army in the ladies section for .99!
  4. We made the cannon out of cardboard then painted it with school paint.

I ended up spending $2.00 total for 5 costumes. I know the costumes may not win best costume at the big award shows, but they were a sure hit at the program last night!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shortcuts coupon doesn't work? Just call!

Thanks to Angela for this great tip! Angela didn't get her ecoupon off her receipt the other day at Kroger. So what did she do? She contacted Shorcuts from their website, and they immediately credited her with the coupons onto her Kroger card for her next visit!

I had this happen once last year back when P&G gave out ecoupons and they credited my account but I haver tried to contact Shortcuts.

I love it. Angela did the best thing possible. When the ecoupon didn't work - she just contacted the company and they made it right! Awesome!

Don't forget to go load your ecoupons from cellfire and shortcuts before you shopping at Kroger this week. There are some big sales on Green Giant vegs, Pillsbury and Betty Crocker products.

$100 coupons from Proctor & Gamble

This has been widely talked about in newspapers and blogs but somehow I forgot to tell you guys about this..... sorry :-)

You can get $100 in free coupons from P&G, when you buy $50 worth of P&G products before April 15 and then send in a rebate form. The $50 in purchases can be made from any combination of their brands. All purchases do not have to be on the same receipt.

50% off coupon for Michaels

Click here to print the new Michaels coupon.

This coupon is for 50% off any one regular price item and is good through March 6, 2010.

More free music

Free 10-song album "Love is Free" by 101 Strings Orchestra.

Blake Shelton's New CD "Hillbilly Bone". Download the new song, Delilah from Wal-Mart! The free download is available until March 30th. The claim code for your free music download is DELILAH.

Coupons Deals and More has a list of several more songs you can download as well.

FREE St. Patricks Day Sampler MP3 Album Download

***I have found several new groups and songs that I like just by trying out these free downloads from new artists. I have not downloaded these songs yet. I love all this free music.

100 photo prints for $2

Get 100 prints from Kodak Gallery for only $2 shipped!

New members get 50 free prints just for signing up plus use coupon code 50FREE at checkout for an additional 50 FREE prints. You pay shipping only which should cost around $2.

Code expires March 11, 2010.

Thanks to MoneysavingMom for this tip.

***I have not tried this deal yet so I don't know how easy it works.

Printable Coupon Links

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Skittles & Starburst coupons on Facebook

Get two coupons for "Buy 1 Get 1 Free Starburst" (up to $1.10 value) after becoming a fan of Starburst on Facebook.

Also get two coupons for "Buy 1 Get 1 Free Skittles" (up to $1.10 value) after becoming a fan of Skittles on Facebook.

Click on the "Coupon" tab and you can print a coupon, just hit the back button if you want to print a second coupon (they expire mid-April).