Friday, September 11, 2009

Are you getting money back when you shop online?

Anytime we make a purchase, we check several things first:

  • Is this item cheaper online or in a store?
  • If the item is cheaper online, we check which store is best.
  • Then we look for coupon codes for that store. (we usually just type in the store name and 'coupon code'. This way you get lots of choices. We can usually find at least a percentage off our purchase!
  • Then we look to see where we can get the biggest rebate at the store we're going to buy from. That's right! When you shop online you can also get a percentage rebate mailed back to you. We get between 2-8% almost everytime we make a purchase online.
  • Here's my 3 favorites. We also use - but to be honest, it is more confusing and not the best place to start.

    Most of these sites will give you $5.00 just for signing up. You usually need to reach $10.00 before you can get paid. Some of them send you a check at the end of each quarter, some will deposit your money into paypal.
    Mr. Rebates
    Here's some info on
    Sign up at here. You MUST start your ebay shopping experience here to get the 3% credited to your ebates account. By signing up for Ebates you will get an immediate $5.00 added to your account. Once you earn at least $5.01 (not including your sign up bonus) you will get a check. Here is a link to how often they send the checks out.

    There are many merchants to choose from where you can receive a percentage of your shopping from ebates. But ebay is my favorite. I am currently working on receiving my first check. I'll keep you posted how it goes.


    Sign up at MrRebates. Same rules apply as above..... start shopping at mrrebates and you will get a percentage of all your shopping credited to your account. You will get 5.00 just for opening an account.
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