Wednesday, March 18, 2009

FREE movie DVD rentals- al the time!

If you are still renting movies from Blockbuster, you are throwing money away in my opinion. We used Redbox movies last summer and fall (now we are using netflix which is a good value for our family since we don't have any type of cable) and loved it! Here's what it is.

In front of McDonalds and inside Walmart there is a red box that looks like a coke machine. You rent your movies from there for $1 per night. New releases are available at the same time as they are at Blockbuster.

The cool thing is that you can get 'codes' from the internet for a free movie every Monday and Wednesday. AND you can get other codes to use at any other time.

There is no catch. If you keep the movie for more than one night, then you just pay $1 per night.
We love movies at our house and we hate to spend money on them, so this is a great deal!

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