Thursday, March 5, 2009

How I just got 2 free packs of diapers! + $10

This is my 4th diaper study!! Yeah! That means free diapers plus extra money. Here's how it works.

I called Arquest Diaper Study 1-888-Diaper2 ext 634 (for boys) or ext 646 (for girls). I gave them the info about Luke (his weight, bday, height, diaper size). Then as soon as they have a diaper study ready to start, they will call you back and send you diapers.

Today I just got 2 packs of diapers deliverd by UPS. I will use the diapers for Luke, fill out a very short questionaire, call them or wait for their call that they schedule at my convenience then wait a few weeks. I'll go to my mail box and get a $10 check.

How's that for a great deal?!!

Last time I talked to them they were taking new names for the next study.

Coupons for cheap diapers are great but free is even better....

Speaking of diaper coupons, if you use huggies, there are coupons at for $3.00 off 1 box of Huggies and $5.00 off 1 pack. Pretty good coupons I would guess. I'm waiting to see if Huggies go on sale to see if I can get them really cheap.

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