Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Free DVDs/ CDs/ Books

I just got an email telling me that I was going to get a Third Day CD and Mannheim Steam Roller Christmas CD in the mail this week for FREE! Last week I got a BuildABear Wii game in the mail FREE!  How is that happening?  Easy!  I'm going to swap 3cds/books I no longer want with people I have never met who live in another state.  They don't want the cds they have and they do want what I have - so we're just going to swap! The only cost?  The price of media mail (about $2.00 each).

 If you are interested in getting rid of your unwanted books, cds, dvds, or videogames and swapping them for something you do want, here's what you do!
  1. Sign up at
  2. Gather your stuff you want to get rid of.
  3. Create your account - no credit card required of course!
  4. Just type in the upc or isbn number of the item in the box
  5. Swaptree will automatically bring up the picture and description of item
  6. You tell what kind of condition the item is in
  7. Once you have listed all the things you have.... it's time to find the items you want
  8. Type in the search box the item you would like to have
  9. Click on 'want it'
  10. Then comes the fun part. - Swaptree will match you with someone who has what you want and wants what you have
  11. you will get an email asking if you want to 'accept this trade'.
  12. You type in your password and say accept
  13. Then you mail your item to them and they mail you the item you want.
Win -win for everyone! It's fun to think that we 'swap' stuff with people all over the country! For the price of shipping (media mail is super cheap -usually under $2 for most items) you get a new dvd, cd or book you want and you clean out your closet! We've completed over 100 swaps since we first joined and have had really good experience with the people involved!


Anonymous said... is brilliant!!!

My favorite new site on the web. Amazing. Period.

Anonymous said...

Uh, I mean SWAPTREE.COM is brilliant

Sharon said...

Hi Anon....
Glad you are enjoying swaptree! It is a really fun site!