Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When is a coupon not a good deal?

After talking to a friend yesterday, I thought I should post this quick reminder. Coupons are great - if used wisely. A coupon is just a tool to help me save money. If I don't need the item, I don't buy it - even if it is a great coupon! I pass those coupons on to others.

Which brings me to this...... what do you do with coupons you don't use? I pass mine on to someone local I see everyday. She passes them on to other teachers. Then I end up getting different coupons back a few days later. I hate to throw coupons away. It's funny to see that something I don't need, someone else can really use.

I've posted my top wanted coupons on the right. If you want me to start a coupon swap page, let me know and I'll post your wanted list too.

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