Friday, May 1, 2009

Warranties are a great deal (esp. if they are free!)

We bought a Black and Decker coffee pot from (with gift cards from Swagbucks and credit card rewards) 8 months ago. One morning it quit working. I called the company, verified the info with my receipt (which I always keep on large purchases). They confirmed that there is a standard 1 year replacement warranty on all Black and Decker coffeepots etc. I sent them a check for $7.50 to cover shipping and received a $40 coffeepot as replacement.

Lesson learned..... keep receipts and always check to see if an item has a replacement warranty before giving up and buying a replacement item.

I also did this with scales I purchased last year. Same thing, I sent money for shipping and saved over $25 on replacement purchase.

I did not register for these warranties when I purchased the items. I just kept the receipts so I could verify the purchase if needed.

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