Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to start your savings adventure!

This is a repost for my new readers who are just joining us today.

So you want to start saving money but "But where do you start?"

These are the top things I suggest you do to get started:
  1. Subcribe to this blog.
    Enter your email address on the right.
    Check your email account and click on the activate link.
    You will receive 1 email each day with a list of all the deals.
  2. Call Colgate-Palmolive and request coupons. You need these coupons asap so you can get really cheap deodorant, toothpaste, and detergent.
  3. Call Georgia Pacific and request coupons for Angel Soft Toilet paper. You need these 4 coupons so you can toilet paper for under a quarter a roll at Walmart!
  4. Sign up for swagbucks and start earning bucks to use on amazon.com.
  5. Click on the Coupons Button on the right side of the blog to print coupons. (They change every month and you can print them twice)
  6. If you shop at Kroger, load free ecoupons to your Kroger card.

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