Wednesday, June 24, 2009

People are saving $ everywhere! Are you one of them?

Sunday afternoon my neighbor told me how excited she was. She filled a cart at Kroger and only paid $45! That included a HUGE jar of pickles that will last them till December (at least), lots of fresh produce, cereal and everything else they needed.

Monday night my aunt told me that she had saved $35 at Walmart last week! Her biggest savings yet!

Are you seeing lots of savings on your receipts? What's your biggest savings adventure so far? Here's a great place to brag! Just leave a comment below.

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Starr said...

I bought about 83 dollars worth of groceries at our BiLo grocery store , and only paid 38 dollars. I did it when they had some great BOGO deals - they also have double coupons up to 65 cents. I'm not always this blessed/lucky, but I happened to hit the bogos and coupons at the right time... Also, I went to a Kmart that was closing - everything was 50-75 percent off (it was the last day). While I was very carefully shopping they announced that everything was 90 percent off in the store...this was it! I about fell out. I did the majority of my Christmas shopping, Father's Days, Mother's Days, birthdays... 700 dollars worth of stuff for 70 bucks. I'm talking Martha Stewart stuff, holidays stuff, fishing gear, medicines, stocking stuffers, underware for the whole family... : ))))))