Sunday, July 26, 2009

CVS kindness and sharing coupons

CVS Kindness Today
  1. Thanks to a fellow CVS shopper for sharing out of her shopping cart today. She got there before I did and shared a couple of the 'free after purchase' school supplies since they were gone off the shelf. I then saw her give another one of her 'free' items to another shopper before she checked out. She uses 2 CVS cards so she could have gotten twice as many of the items for herself but decided to share them instead. That was super kind! Thanks Heather! About using 2 CVS cards..... for me that's too complicated. But some people really score some great deals using a personal account and another for their spouse. If you can keep up with 2 accounts - great! But for me, I'm going to stick with just one for now. My life is full enough without juggling that too :-)
  2. While I checked out my stuff, another shopper saw me using a coupon and asked me where I found it. As it happens, I had an extra one of the coupons in my notebook and gave it to her so she could snag some extra savings. Isn't it fun to share deals and coupons?
  3. The CVS cashiers at the Danville store are so super! They have never once caused me grief when I do multiple transactions and are very patient and friendly. If you happen to work at CVS and read this - note that I appreciate your work!

Coupon Sharing....

I always end up with coupons I can't use (pet food, tampons, adult care, health food etc.....). What do I do with them? I NEVER throw them away. I pass them to a neighbor who passes them on to another neighbor who gives them to a friend at work who passes them to ....... Get the idea? I just keep paying them forward!

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Anonymous said...

It was great to meet you! Thanks for the coupon and tips! Your website is fantastic! Thanks for all your work so all of us can benefit! :) Heather