Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Double Coupons at the grocery!

Today I'm looking for info from you! My Krogers in Danville doubles all coupons that are .50 or lower every day. So if I use a .50 coupon anytime - it will give me $1.00 savings!

I've heard that IGA in Liberty doubles coupons every Tuesday up to .50. But I never have shopped there.

I've heard that all Publix grocerys double coupons too. Does anyone know this from experience?
Update: I am hearing that Florida stores do NOT double or offer the same great coupon deals that other Publix stores offer around the country.

Update: I am hearing that BILO stores also double coupons.

What stores double coupons for you? I'd love to hear where your favorite double coupon stores are!


dudette77 said...

We have Bi-lo and Publix here...Bi-lo doubles up to .60; Publix doubles up to .50 cents. HOWEVER...Publix is our couponing heaven here, because our local Publix also honors competitor coupons, including Rite-aid (even the $5 off $25!!), CVS, Walgreens, Target, Bi-lo. AND...if it for instance a Bi-lo store coupon, they will let you stack that with a manufacturers coupon. It is quite amazing. I know women who do their stockpiling and regularly save 75-85% off their grocery bill by shopping Publix.

SharonW said...

Wow!!!! I had no clue that Publix was so coupon friendly. I wish I had one near me! I can't wait to let my mom know. They just moved to FL and only have Publix!

dudette77 said...

She needs to ask her store manager about the coupon policies at her store...FL stores have some different practices than here...for instance, our Publix's have the mystery penny item every Sunday and Monday, Florida stores do not have that.