Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Kroger 'rules' as I see them...

If you are new to Krogers, here's the 'rules' as I have learned them... (This list is specifically for Danville KY Krogers). If you know of any other 'rules' about our local Kroger that I have missed, please let me know.
  1. Krogers always doubles coupon up to and including .50. That means that a .35 coupon will save you .70. A .50 coupon saves you $1.00.
  2. You may only use ONE manufacturer coupon per item. (e-coupons are completely separate and often get stacked automatically as a bonus but you can't make this happen. I never ask about the use of the e-coupons because the cashiers don't know anything about them.)
  3. E-coupons (cellfire, shortcuts, etc) are bonus coupons. I always load them on my card and they almost always work. But I never count on them. They are bonus coupons that come off at the register at the end automatically. The cashier has NOTHING to do with whether these coupons work. They are savings that you get in addition to your paper coupons.
  4. If you call Kroger headquarters, you can request Kroger coupons. I have tried 3 times and have still never received any coupons from them. However, I have friends that get coupons from Kroger regularly and they are great. They can be used WITH regular manufacturers coupons. They will NOT double.
  5. There are discount/clearance carts at the back of our store (usually next to the milk cases - sometimes over in front of the yogurt and butter display too). These items change regularly and are great places to get some really good deals. Coupons and e-coupons will still work on these items. I look here EVERY time I go in the store.
  6. Seniors (60 +) get an extra 10% discount on the first Wed of the month. (I think thats the right day)
Hopefully this will help you out when you shop at Krogers.

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Anonymous said...

I went to Kroger tonight and I got crest for taxes only,I had a 50 cent coupon which doubles.I can tell you Kroger has saved me alot of money.On the sale you have to buy 10 items to get $5.00 off.
Wonderful deal,I love Kroger.
Kleenex is on this deal and with the coupon you have to buy two.
Also,on sale,but not included in the 10 item deal is: oral be toothbrush for $1, we got coupons in the paper for $1,only taxes.SO I encourage you to look weekly at kroger to see what kind of wonderful deals you can find.also,let me say buy more than one paper it give you more coupons.