Saturday, August 29, 2009

Not a 'deal' or a coupon..... but something important

I am no computer expert but I do know that my computer will run faster if I do some basic maintenance.

This is something you should do weekly if you are on the internet very often (and since you are following my blog, you are probably using the internet quite a bit). You will notice your computer may move a bit faster after doing this if you have never cleaned these files out.

How to clean out history, cookies and temporary internet files

These are directions for Internet Explorer 8. If you have a different version, you may have to look under ‘tools’; then click on ‘internet options’. Then the directions will be the same.
  1. Open internet
  2. Click on safety
  3. Click on “delete browing history”
  4. Make sure these boxes are checked
    Temporary internet files
  5. Click ‘delete’
  6. A new box will open showing the progress
  7. Leave it open till it is complete

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