Monday, September 28, 2009

CVS accepts competitor prescription coupons!

I talked to the CVS Manager at the Danville KY location and they accept competitor prescription coupons! That means today I used a RiteAid prescription transfer coupon for $25 gift card! No problem.

I talked to a friend yesterday who says that she does this regularly and has made quite a bit of money in gift cards at CVS!

Important: if you have multiple prescriptions or special circumstances, pick a pharmacy and stay there. But.... if you are filling a prescription for something simple like I am -this is a great way to get some extra money!

So, if you are new to this, here's what you do.....

  1. Print the prescription coupon or cut it from the paper when you find it.
  2. If it is for a NEW prescription, you can use it anytime (like when your child needs a simple cough med etc)
  3. If it is for a transferred prescription, take it to the new pharmacy and tell them where your present prescription is (mine was at Rite Aid from last month).
  4. Give them your health insurance information and personal info
  5. Pay for your medicine.
  6. Give them the coupon.
  7. They will give you a gift card immediately to be used whenever you want.
  8. I usually take it with me right then to the front desk and buy whatever I need to buy.

Usually , this works very simply. Good luck!

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