Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Angel Soft Toilet Paper - .18 per roll! (maybe even better)

I always buy toilet paper by figuring how much each roll cost. My goal is .11 per roll! Here's how you can get that too!

Every 2 weeks, you can call Georgia Pacific to request 4 Angel Soft Toilet paper coupons. The first time you will need to give your name and information. After that, they will just confirm the info. The rep has always been extremely nice.

The 4 coupons are for .55 off any Angel Soft TP. I will watch and wait till Krogers puts them on sale for 1.00. This is about once a month. Walmart usually sells the 4 pack for $1.28 so it is still only .18 a roll if they're not on sale.

You can call every 2 weeks. 1-800-283-5547

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Jenn said...

Sharon, I get a Red Plum coupon mailer on Tue before they come in the paper on Sun. Guess what!! There was a rebate for GP products on the front page! Includes Angel Soft, Brawney, Dixie cups, and Vanity Fair plates and napkins. It's $5 rebate for $20 purchase.