Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Calling all local Money Savers!!!! I need you!

Usually I post about how to save money and find great deals. Today I am calling for help from all my local readers. My son's school is having a huge Family Fun Day on October 24. There will be carnival games, pony rides, Truck Touch (with tons of vehicles for the kids to examine up close), karaoke, corn hole, bake sale, games, prizes........ You name it!

Here's where you come in. I am responsible for finding lots of prizes for the kids. How does this involve you? I know I have huge stockpiles of crayons, notebooks, pencils etc. Don't you?

Here's a chance to donate some of those items for a great cause! Contact me and I will work out a place to pick them up. We will also be giving out 'kids meal type toys', hotwheels, matchbox cars etc. If you have any of these sitting around in your kids odds and end baskets, here's a great place to donate some of those as well.

Thanks a ton guys!
I know I can count on you to help out.

Of course.... you know me! I'm checking with all the big toy companies and stores, restaurants too. If you need something.... just ask!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon...
It's Shane (from Trinity)...I actually found and signed up for your blog..before I found you on fb...

Well...I've been saving things for Helen for the Children's Missions (shoe boxes)...and she already has tons of stuff! So I have odds and ends of extras if you would like to have them. Let me know and maybe I can meet up with you (or I don't even mind sending them to you in the mail if that's easier...let me know what you may need. or I can just go through and pick out stuff...Alyssa has plenty of those old toys from kids meals!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I found your blog either from Bargon Jargon or Deal Seeking Mom...I'm a follower of those two blogs as well. I love a deal and in this economy...we could all use a little help. I'm new to the whole couponing...but I LOVE it! Jeff and I saved 43.00 at Kroger last week and it was our first coupon trip together!

I love your blog and your deals...it makes it even sweeter that I can say I actually know you (or know of you)...haha.

I'm currently not working (other than the Pampered Chef, but I do care for my mom on MWF (she's recovering from Cancer). SO Tuesday's and Thursday's work better for me.

I'll email you tomorrow or Monday and we can out the details!