Thursday, October 15, 2009

Free $5.00 at Kohls

It's been a long time since I reminded my readers about how to get $5.00 free to use at Kohls.

If you go HERE, and give them your email address, Kohl's will email you a $5 off coupon good in store and a coupon good for 10% off online. It takes about 5 days to get the coupon emailed to you.

It's one per email address.

So here's a tip..... Have your spouse sign up their email address too. That way you will have 2! You can only use one per transaction and I wouldn't try to use both of them back to back at the same register. Your purchase price must be $5.00 before tax. So I try to find something that is $5.25 etc before tax. That way your out of pocket including tax will be under $1.00.

Great way to get a stack of dish towels, kids tshirt, clearance candle or lotions etc

*** You will get tons of emails from Kohls after you sign up. So once you get your coupon, just go to the bottom of the email and unsubscribe!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I did this when you first posted this and they never sent me a $5 coupon....should I contact them or just try again???