Monday, November 2, 2009

Best Local Playgrounds - according to my 3 kids!

There is no school today for my son.... and there's supposed to be sunshine and 60 degrees! What does that mean? It means a day at the playground! Here are some of the places I know of that are cool!

Do you have a great park you like to visit? I'd love to post your favorite places to play. If there is any interest, I may try to expand this section of the blog to include pictures of the playgrounds with directions from mapquest. I love getting my kids out and letting them really be kids! The best thing about local parks? They're FREE and they get us moving!

But where are the coolest local playgrounds?


  • Stanford, KY: Logan-Hubble Memorial Park (about 1 mile north of Stanford and a mile or so off the main road out in the country). A great modern colorful playground, swings, a small toddler playground off to the side - Large lake for fishing, tons of picnic pavilions and tables, and a bonus - there is an authentic seesaw, merry-go-round and bouncer! (These play pieces are starting to rot becuase they have been there so long, but they were a huge hit with my kids after we played on the new stuff). Very quiet park. There were only 4 cars the whole time we were there.
  • Harrodsburg, KY: A great wooden playground up beside the hospital (not to be confused with Anderson Dean Park off the bypass which I have never yet been to). This wooden playground is older but gives the kids a great chance to use their imagination. Scale of 1-5? Rated a huge 5 by all 3 kids!
  • Danville, KY: Millennium Park - Beautiful 2 mile hilly, paved walking trail, 3 playgrounds, pond for feeding ducks, skate park area, basketball goals, lots of soccer fields, Excellent local park!
  • Hustonville, KY: 2 playground areas (one is blue & red - more modern) and the other area is an older wooden playground - kind of small but tons of fun for the kids. Beautiful little creek runs beside playground. Has old tennis court and basketball court but they're not upkept (lots of weeds). The playground is very close to the school so this is a great place to play when we're coming from or going to the pick up line.
  • Junction City, KY: 2 playground areas, nice flat walking path, Lots of swings. This playground even has an old time merry-go-round! A great local area for fun.
  • Lexington, KY: Jacobson Park. When we go to Lexington, this is a huge hit! There is a mega-huge wooden playground/castle area for the kids! I don't like to go there unless I have another adult with me - it is so large I always feel like I'm going to lose my kids. A huge lake (you can rent small paddle boats in season though we never have). Huge fields for play, ducks, pavilions. The highlight is the playground though! Rated a huge 5!
  • Louisville, KY: Iroquois Park. A great playground area (this is a handicapped accessible playground too). It has recently been built and renovated for the kids. Excellent playground! There is also a small 'splash' area in the summer where the local kids wear swimsuits and run and play in the sprinklers. Huge Huge great park!

I have been to some great playgrounds in several other states but these are the highlights within 15 minutes of my house.

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