Thursday, November 19, 2009

Build A Bear Workshop

Build A Bear Workshop - quite the fun adventure! I've heard that its next to impossible to get out of the store without spending a ton of money..... but Natalie went today for the first time and had a ball.

For those of you who don't know how it works.... here's the scoop.

  • Pick out your animal. The basic bear cost $10.00; bunny, dog or turkey - $12; then the animals go up from there.
  • Decide whether you want a sound. (starts at $5.00 and goes up). I didn't give Natalie this option since I know she doesn't like to cuddle at night with anything that wakes her up with noises. She didn't even realize it was an option.
  • Bring your bear to life. They stuff the bear. Natalie picked the heart. This was cool. She had to rub the heart and go through a whole process of 'giving the bunny a heart'. - really cool! Then she got to decide if the bunny was filled just right.
  • Give her new bunny a bath and brush it.
  • Now the fun part...... picking out clothes. Full outfits cost start around $12.00. Individual shirts/pants etc are $6.00 each. Panties/underwear are $3.50. We didn't look at all the extra accessories like phone, guitar, hats, glasses etc. There were enough choices with just the clothes. I told Natalie I would buy 1 and she could buy a 2nd piece. At age 5, she was so thrilled that 2 decisions about clothes was more than enough. They even have 'dressing areas' for the animals so you can try the clothes on the animal. Fun.
  • Once she decided on the clothes, we went to the computer to name the animal and fix the birth certificate.
  • You get to pick out hair bows/ribbons for the animal for free.
Now it's time to pay.......
  • Bunny - 12.00
  • pajama dress - 6.00
  • panties - 3.50
Total: $22.00
Use $5.00 off any animal $10.oo or more (from recent newspapers)
Use $5.00 gift certificate that comes in the mail when you sign your kids up for the email club
Final cost: $12.43 ($6.00 of Natalie's birthday money and $6.43 out of my pocket).

My opinion? Worth every penny!

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