Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Coupons, Cashiers & Cudos!

This is a random thought about coupons & cashiers. At Danville Kroger yesterday, I used the self checkout with under 20 items. I, of course, had a huge stack of coupons. The cashiers both laughed and said that they never minded seeing me come through their checkout because even though I had tons of coupons, they never had to worry about my coupons working. That was a huge 'cudo' to me and it made my day.

Why does this matter to you? Because each time one of us 'super couponers' use coupons we are paving the way for the next 'new couponer'. If we are nasty, impatient and sneaky with our coupons, we are making it harder for the next customer who wants to use legit coupons.

What I learned from this:
  1. Always check my expiration dates before I get to the checkout lane.
  2. If there are 'free' coupons, try to write down the amount that will be free so the cashier doesn't have to go searching through a long receipt for the amount.
  3. Always make sure the coupon matches the purchase
  4. If there is a questionable coupon that I think should match, I usually ask the cashier if they will at least scan it and see if it works. Most of the time the cashier will try it and see what happens. (Danville Kmart is awesome at this for me). If the coupon doesn't work, alot of times I will just ask to void the item off.
  5. Try to keep a smile and pleasant tone. Your approach will set the tone for the transaction.
  6. When the cashier won't work with you (this happened the other day at Stanford RiteAid), I just voided the transaction, thanked them anyway and walked away. I was disappointed that it didn't work and I knew I was right but I still stayed pleasant.
  7. Last option..... if you know you are right and the cashier is determined to be difficult.... wait and call the manager later when you are calm and talk to the boss to explain the situation,

See you in the checkout lane - with lots of coupons of course!

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