Friday, November 13, 2009

Free Kindle for PC and free ebooks

Wow! This is the day for book deals, huh?

Have you heard of the Kindle? The handheld electronic 'book' that lets you download books and read them - no paper required. It's kind of pricey (around $250 or s0) BUT no problem there.......

You can go here to download (for FREE) a Kindle for your computer. Very simple. All you do is download it, then go here to download free books (note: not all Kindle ebooks are free, but there are quite a few choices). You must have an account to access this deal. (No credit card required, of course!)

I have never read a book on the computer. I usually prefer the old-fashioned way, but I may try a new book tonight - for free, and no trip to the library.

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