Friday, November 27, 2009

"Limited Warranty' - 2 great words to see on a product!

If you have read my blog long, you have seen that I often request that companies honor their warranties when I have a product fail. I have had my water filter replaced twice (for free) because it was defective. I have received replacement scales, a replacement laser pointer mouse, new water hose, money back for 4 cans of deck sealer paint because it chipped off completely & a couch completely replaced - just to name a few.

When a company puts the words '1 year limited warranty' or 3 years or 7 years - I feel like they should honor their word.

That's why when we had to buy new Christmas lights today for our tree I loved seeing the words '3 year limited warranty'! I looked on the box to see what the requirements are to have the lights replaced and made sure I kept the receipt and the upc codes for all 4 boxes of lights. I really hope these new LED lights work like they're supposed to, but just in case they don't - I'm ready.

*** Just a note..... I NEVER claim a warranty replacement unless the item truly is defective. If I see 'product guarantee' or 'satisfaction guarantee', I don't just send in for a replacement because I don't like a product. I would feel very unethical about claiming a free replacement for something that really did what it was supposed to do.

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