Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our Mall Experience!

Mall adventures: 1 stroller, 2 kids, 2 juice cups, an extra diaper, camera, a printed off mall map and of course - a whole stack of coupons.

What a fun day!

  • 1 free pretzel from Auntie Anns Pretzel shop. (coupon from recent newspaper) = FREE
  • 2 free chocolate lollipops and 1 piece of chocolate/caramel candy from Sees Chocolate (They were giving out samples.) = FREE
  • 1 free 8 oz body spray when I bought any item from Bath & Body Works (I found the small hand sanitizers for $1.00) = $1.59
    Printable coupon from here
  • 1 free perfume from Aerie just for signing up for their A-List club. (They give away one free item every month on Thursdays. Just walk in, sign up and pick up your free item.)
  • 1 free bottle of massage oil from Aveda. ($25.00 value). = FREE
    Join Aveda's Birthday Program today and get a free, full-size product on your birthday!
  • 1 free pair of panties from Victorias Secret = FREE
    There is a special going on. Purchase $10 worth of product from VS and get a Santa savings card guaranteed to be worth at least $10 with the possibility of it being much more. I heard from a friend last year who kept rolling that card over and got a TON of stuff for only the initial cost of $10. If you plan to buy from VS, this is definitely something to look into!
  • 1 Build A Bear Bunny with dress, panty and ribbons - $12.43
    (My daughter, Natalie, used $6.00 from her birthday money gifts and I chipped in the other $6.43)
    I'm going to give more details about BAB in the next post. Read here.
  • 1 piece of grilled chicken for me at Chick Fil A = FREE
    Remember last summer when Chick Fil a was giving away a free sandwich coupon? I just asked the cashier if i could have a piece of chicken instead of the sandwhich. No problem.
  • 1 chicken nugget meal with chocolate milk from Chick Fil A = FREE
    I used a free meal coupon from when my parents attended a grand opening and won free meal tickets! Thanks Mom & Dad!
  • 20 minutes of playtime at the playground in the middle of the mall = FREE
  • $5 coupon for Things Remembered - donated to the next customer. I couldn't find anything less than $15 so I asked the clerk to give it to the next customer. I can't see paying money for something just because I had a coupon. = Money saved because I didn't spend!

My total out of pocket - $8.02

Who says going to the mall has to cost alot of money? :-) Have you found other ways to find free stuff at the mall? I'd love to hear from you!

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