Monday, November 9, 2009

Selling stuff on

I've had several people ask me how I make money online. Here's one of the ways I make some extra cash online! Maybe it will help you get started too. I sell books, cds, dvds, games etc at

Here's what I do to determine if something is worth selling on Amazon..
  1. I search for the title on Amazon.
  2. Then I check the used/new price it is selling for. My rule of thumb is to deduct $2.50 from whatever the lowest price is. That will tell me what I will potentially make as profit. If the lowest price (doesn't matter condition) is under $5.00, I usually don't mess with it because I would only make a potential profit of $2.50 and I would still have to have shipping supplies. Make sense? (see bottom of article to see what I do if it's not worth selling on Amazon). There are no fees to list but Amazon will charge a fee when it sells. But they will also give you a credit to supposedly offset the cost of shipping.
  3. Once I determine that an item is worth selling, I login to my account.
  4. Type in the title.
  5. Click on the "used or new" button underneath the Amazon new price.
  6. Over on the right of the new page, you will see a button that says 'sell yours here'.
  7. Click on "sell yours here'.
  8. New screen - you must fill in the 'select condition' option
  9. Fill in the box with an accurate description of your item (Does it have scratches or tears? Bent edges? markings on inside cover etc....)
  10. Say 'continue'
  11. Next page you will need to enter your price. (I ALWAYS undercut the lowest price because the lowest price (regardless of condition) will be on top of the list and be seen first.) If I think my item is still better than the described item in lowest price, I STILL undercut the price by at least a dime. I want my item to sell and I want it to be seen first!) There will be a little chart showing you what your earnings will be if and when your item sells.
    Remember..... Amazon will take a couple of dollars commission for selling but they will credit you a couple of dollars to 'cover your shipping charge'. You CANNOT change this commision from Amazon and you CANNOT charge more for shipping. Just remember that you will have to pay for shipping yourself. Hopefully the shipping credit covers the cost. (Usually it does, but not always. That is just part of the game)
  12. You will get a new screen that tells you to confirm your listing.
  13. You will receive an email telling you it has been listed.
  14. Now you wait to get an email notifying you that it has been sold. I've had things sell within 24 hours. But I've also listed things that never sell. Just depends on the item and the demand.
  15. As soon as you get an email telling you it has been sold, you must mail it within 3 days.
  16. You MUST log back in to your account and click on 'confirm shipment'.
  17. Once a month (or so), Amazon will directly deposit your earnings into your checking account.

I LOVE selling on Amazon and think it is often better than Ebay because you don't have to list pictures etc. You just go with the titles and the information they already have.

Hopefully this will help you guys out and get you started earning a little bit of extra cash for Christmas.

***** If you have a book, cd, dvd, or game system game that is not worth $$ on Amazon, there are still ways to turn that item into a profit for you. Be watching and I'll post later my next step to change unwanted media items into something I can use for my family!

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