Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Prescription coupons - Wow!

I had saved a coupon for $10 gift card with NEW or Transferred prescription to Target. I don't even have a Target pharmacy near me. Here's where it gets fun!

Today my daughter had to go to the doctor for a very minor illness. She was given a prescription. (BTW.... she is almost completely fine by now and probably would have been fine even without going to the doc this time. Oh well..... with kids you just never know huh?) I took it to my local CVS. Got the medicine, gave them the Target coupon (they take all competitor prescription coupons) and they gave me a free $10 CVS gift card!

True, I had to pay for the doc visit and the medicine but since that was unavoidable, I love being able to turn around and make some extra money!

Note to self...... save ALL prescription coupons just in case one of the kids gets sick and I end up needing medicine.

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