Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A surpringly great place to stock up on stuffed animals!

My kids love stuffed animals! (I should put that in bold, italics, underline and caps!) However, I refuse to buy them at new prices in the stores. I also refuse to buy used animals that look like they have been drooled on, spit up on or loved to death by another child.

Here comes the fun of GoodWill! Today we stopped in to buy a reward toy for my son who is almost potty trained! We hit the jackpot!

1 Webkinz elephant, 1 Webkinz pinto pony, Animal Ally Unicorn (from ToysRus), even a Build A Bear Bunny with real Build a Bear shirt. These animals were all brand new - with tags! I don't know what people were thinking to throw them out but we were thrilled!
Each animal was a huge .50 each!!!! Several came home to be instantly loved and enjoyed but a few others made it home secretly so they will magically appear under the tree at Christmas.

My point? Don't discount the treasures you can find at Goodwill or Salvation Army. We have found some really amazing things at Goodwill! What's your best find? Here's your chance to brag a bit!

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