Saturday, January 2, 2010

How to get ink cartdridges for cheap!

(I do understand that Cheap is a relative term.) But this is the cheapest way we have found to purchase ink for our printer!

If you have bought ink cartridges lately, you know how much ink costs. We have a Canon printer and we always try to stock up on cartridges when we order so we won't have to run out to Walmart at the last minute. We just placed an order tonight that will save us money for the next semester at least.

Here's what we did:
  • We logged into Mr. Rebates (If you are not a member yet, you will receive a $5.00 bonus just for signing up. As soon as you reach $10.00 they will send you either a check or deposit the money into your paypal.)
  • We did a search for Once we found the ink store, we clicked on the link that says shop here. It said we would receive 20% off our order in our account.
  • Once a new screen opened showing us, we entered the brand of our printer on the right side. There is a drop down menu where you choose your brand, model etc.
  • 123Inkjets is offering a promo for free shipping automatically if your order reaches $55. For us, it made good sense to go ahead and order $55 worth of ink so we didn't have to pay the shipping charge. That is just up to you.
  • We found 10 ink cartridges we needed and put them in our shopping cart.
  • At checkout, we entered a coupon code that we found from searching online - FROSTYINK worked great and gave us an instant 15% percent discount!
  • To pay, we chose to use our paypal account so we didn't even have to use our credit card. But you may choose to pay with your credit card.

Our final results:

  • 10 cartridges purchased - These are NOT refilled cartridges or a ink refill kit! We have tried those in the past. It was a huge mess and they did not work for us. Some printers will even void the warranties if you use refilled cartridges.) These are regular ink cartridges but not mainstream brands. Our printer even requires a little chip inside the cartridges and these still work excellent. We have used these cartridges for over a year and had no problems.
  • $114.99 saved. (more after the 20% rebate comes through from MrRebates! That usually takes about 2-3 months. Update: I just got an email saying I would receive $11.49 in rebates back to my Mr Rebates account!!!!!) Our cartridges regularly run between $15 -$22 each at Walmart or Office Depot.
  • $56 spent - $11.49 rebate from MrRebates! So after the rebate I will have spent $45 for 10 ink cartridges!!!

I only offer this post as an alternative to buying your ink from the regular stores (Walmart, Office Depot) and paying full price. You may find that ink is a place you want to stay brand loyal. All I know is that this works really well for us!

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