Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I just got a free copy of Nortons!

It's crazy. I just got an email yesterday telling me that I had been chosen to receive a free copy of Nortons Internet Security 2010! This is something that usually costs about $40. I only had 18 days left on my current subscription so I was already figuring on having to spend that money soon.

How did I get it free? I just filled out a request when they offered it. Remember about 2 weeks ago when I posted that Viewpoints was offering a chance to get Nortons free? I filled out the request and got it yesterday.

Viewpoints is an awesome program that sends out free samples, coupons and occasionally free products. This is one of those times! I sure am glad I filled out the request form when it was offered.

Interested in joining Viewpoints so you will be ready for something free next time around? Click here to join.

Did you request Nortons? Did you get it free? I'd love to hear if you were chosen too!

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