Saturday, January 2, 2010

Need to print pictures?

With the holidays behind us, you may have tons of pictures you need to print. Here's a few options to get some really cheap prints for new customers!

(If you have already signed up at one of these companies, move to the next one.)
  • Winkflash is offering 50 free pictures for new customers with only .99 shipping!
  • Snapfish is offering 20 free pictures for new customers (you still pay regular shipping - I think it's under $3.00 for 20 pictures).
    Bonus: If you go to first you can get 12% rebate too! If you have never signed up for MrRebates, you will also get $5.00 credited to your Mrrebates account!!!!!!
  • CVS Photo - 50 FREE Pictures (for new customers only) + you can have them shipped to your store and not even pay shipping!!!


Heather said...

do you need a code for cvs?
I got to the end and it still is wanting me to give my credit card info?

SharonW said...

Hang on Heather! You have to be a new member to CVS photo to get the 50 free! I forgot to mention that! Zikes! Sorry about that. If you have already ordered, you saw that it didn't work. The 50 free is ONLY for new members. I am so sorry! Thanks for the tip about the free photo cards. I'll check it out!