Monday, January 11, 2010

Saving money on media by using our library!

Our local library just did a huge remodel and it is awesome! After almost a month without a library while they were moving back in, we got to go visit our new facility today!

Here's how we saved money just by going to our local library!

We have been curious about several music groups. So instead of buying them for $15 each - we checked out 3 new release cds. Money saved $45!

I needed a new book to read so I checked out 2 books for me instead of buying a book at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Money saved - I have no idea because I haven't bought a brand new book in ages.

The kids each checked out a DVD - money saved - at least $1 each if we went to Redbox, way more if we bought a brand new movie at Walmart.

The kids each checked out 2 books. Money saved - I know new books cost several dollars at least at Walmart so .... you do the math here.

My husband loves to listen to audio books in the car while he commutes to work. So he picked up a new audio book. These things are expensive to buy so this is a huge savings for our family.

Lesson remembered: Why pay money for something when you can just check it out of your local library?

Have you visited your library recently?!!!!!!!???

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Heather said...

Did you see there was an article in the advocat messenger ( on Sunday regarding tours.
Saturday is for kids and Clifford the dog and Thing 1 and Thing 2 will be there from 10 til 2 or so....fuzzy on the details now!