Sunday, January 24, 2010

Something to think about.....

When I use coupons, I try very hard to remember that I am representing a world much bigger than myself - I represent all of you who are using coupons too. That means that if I act nasty and try to sneak coupons past a cashier that aren't valid - I'm cheating you.

So..... just something to think about.....

Here's a few things I try to always remember:
  1. Never use expired coupons.
  2. Always make sure my coupon matches the item I'm purchasing.
  3. Try to keep a smile and a pleasant attitude toward the cashier. She may have had a horrible day.
  4. If she doesn't want to use my coupons, I help her look at it and explain to her why I know it's valid. If she still doesn't want to accept it, I have a choice. I either have her void off the item and keep my coupon for another time or if I really need the item, I can always buy it full price and then go to customer service and show them the coupon and have them review the transaction. (I don't usually go this route. I figure that if I lose .40 on this item then I will probably get that money back another way on the next transaction.)
  5. I always have my coupons in hand so the cashier won't have to wait for me to search through my bag to find them - saving them time.
  6. If I have free coupons, I try to write the amount of the item on the coupon so the cashier won't have to go back through the receipt to look for the price.
  7. I hold the coupons in my hand so the cashier knows that I have them to use. If I have a ton of coupons that might be confusing, I even offer them one at a time with each item. Some cashiers prefer that so they don't have to be digging through the bags.
  8. Bottom line - keep pleasant if at all possible.

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