Sunday, January 17, 2010

Try Me Free - Bioluxe conditioner at CVS

I don't really need more hair conditioner but I'm working on restocking my supply after giving most of it away for Christmas present. So this is a great deal for me today. (Plus I had a gift card and a $5 coupon and extra bucks left over, so the 2 bottles didn't end up costing me anything!)

Buy Bioluxe conditioner for 9.99 at CVS
It is on sale for buy one get one free.

Then submit for a full rebate on the 9.99!

You can only do one rebate per household, so you can send the second try me free rebate to another address (maybe a mom or other family member?)

You must have the little tag found on the conditioner to submit the rebate. When I left CVS today, there were about 4 more tags on the bottles.

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