Friday, February 12, 2010

5 Free KidSongs mp3s!

My kids love KidSongs DVDs and music so I'm thrilled to be able to download 5 free songs - no credit card required!

  • Just click here to select your 5 songs. (add to cart)
  • Click checkout
  • You will need to register
  • Choose "no payment required"
  • Use coupon code FREE SONGS (It should make your total $0 - If it doesn't then the coupon may have expired.)
  • You will receive an email with download instructions
    I was able to download them as mp3 files by right clicking on the download button and then choosing 'save target as'. When I just clicked on download, it just played it on my computer but wouldn't save it. But now - success! And the kids loved the songs!

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