Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Card games - cheap!

I'm already thinking about Christmas and birthday present for this next year!

Here's a few deal ideas I saw at Walmart:

All of these coupons are available on the coupon button at the right of the blog! You can print them twice!

Scrabble Slam Card $5.24
Use $4/1 Scrabble game printable
Pay $1.24 each after coupon

Pictureka Card Game $5.24
Use $5/1 Pictureka printable coupon
Pay $0.24 each after coupon

Monopoly Deal Card Game $5.24
Use $4/1 Monopoly game printable
Pay $1.24 after coupon


Heather said...

Sharon, Are these card games?
Just another version of the board games?
I went to K-Mart and was disappointed...maybe I didn't time it just right!
What great deals did you find Sharon? Have you been back lately?
They said their last day is around March 4 or 14th.
Thanks for these game deals!!!

SharonW said...

These are the card game versions of the game. Same brand name - Monopoly but the card game is called Monopoly Deal! Scrabble card games is Scrabble slam..... etc. These card games are on the back wall of the toy section - down from the bikes. Hope that helps you find them. They had tons of the card games as of last night (Tuesday).

AS for Kmart - they are pretty much wiped clean of toys/coupon matchups. :-( And since they are just down to 25% on the toys, without a coupon, that's no sale for me.