Thursday, February 4, 2010

Free Story Time at Library

This is something we've participated in for almost 7 years. (Sometimes we go more regularly than others.) The Danville Boyle County Library offers free story time every Tuesday and Wednesday. Ms. Libby is a great children's librarian! The kids get to listen to stories, sing songs, play with puppets and always make a craft!

Here's the current schedule:



Most all libraries offer this wonderful free resource. It's a great place to take the kids and it is of course FREE!


Anonymous said...

Has library moved back to original building or is it still in atr old factory building>?

SharonW said...

They have moved back into the new building. It is absolutely awesome!!!! They have kept the original structure but added a huge new building. The kids library is a great!!!

Anonymous said...

we live in harrodsburg ours is being remodeled. so they are not having story time.. i am going to try and bring my kids sometime over there for soemthing to do.. winter time is hard.. hard to find something fun and free or cheap to do .. thanks