Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just a tip about passwords

I join alot of online groups, survey sites, register for alot of coupon sites...... you get the idea. How do I keep up with my login information for each site? No problem. I have a standard password I use for ALL of them. Since I never include credit card information, it's no problem to me to always have a standard password. This makes it easy to sign in.

Another option I love is keepass. This is a free downloadable (very small) program that allows me to remember 1 password and saves all my login information for everything I need. There is no customer service so I CANNOT afford to lose my master password because my master password cannot be reset. But this is a safety feature I love. I know that noone else can access my login information.

Here's the link to download Keepass if you are interested. You just download the program and then enter your information.

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