Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Month - New printable coupons!

The coupon button on the right of the blog has new coupons!

There's all the typical coupons plus a few bonus coupons that I'm personally really excited about!

Save $4.00 off ANY Sorry Game
Save $5.00 off 1 Pictureka Game (this should include the card game that usually runs 5.99!)
Save $4.00 off Scrabble game (hopefully I'm going to get the Scrabble Slam card game with this)
Saver $4.00 off Monopoly
Save $5.00 on ANY Strawberry Shortcake (It says total must be $20 or more but in my experience, this coupon often works with any purchase of the toy!)

Save .50 on Green Giant Frozen vegetables! - on sale this week at Kroger.

***Just a note about the coupon button - You can get the exact same coupons by typing the address www.coupons.com BUT here's the deal. If you click on the coupon button on my blog and print any coupons, I will get a few pennies for each coupon printed. Now, if you prefer for me to not benefit from your coupon printing, that is completely fine and I will never know the difference. However, this is just an added perk for me that I get a little pay from hosting the coupon button on my blog.


Anonymous said...

I will make sure to print the coupons from your site. So you can earn some pennies.

SharonW said...

You know me..... I love seeing those pennies add up :-)