Sunday, February 14, 2010

Prescription coupons in today's newspaper

In the Target ad today there is a $10 coupon for a NEW or transferred prescription! Why is this so good? Because CVS always accepts competitors coupons! That means that if one of my kids get sick this month and needs to get a prescription filled, I will get a $10 CVS card - FREE!

Here's how it works if you've never done this before:
  1. Take your new prescription from the doctor to your CVS.
  2. Pay for your prescription AND give your Target coupon to the cashier.
  3. They will give you a CVS gift card worth $10.
  4. You can then use that card immediately on your next purchase!

Of course, if you have a Target nearby, you can do this same thing at your local Target store.

In the Rite Aid ad, there are 2 transfer coupons for $25.00 each. That means that if you need to refill a prescription, you can just transfer it to Rite Aid and get an instant $25 gift card to use at Rite Aid.

I have one prescription that I refill every month. Since CVS accepts competitor coupons for prescriptions, I just switch back and forth each month between Rite Aid and CVS. Every month, I get a gift card just because I have to refill a prescription. Crazy, huh!

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Heather said...

Here's another thought!
Since the coupon was in the Rite Aid circular, anyone that didn't get one in the newspaper could stop by a store and pick an extra one up ...I always try to keep a few extra on hand because you never know when someone in the family will need an antibiotic or what may come up!
I've used 2 coupons at a time at CVS when I have 2 prescriptions to fill.
Like always, never a guarantee, but for $25, it's good to always be prepared with the coupon!!!