Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A random scam alert....

Today I was asked about this, so I thought I would respond in general. Thanks E for reminding me!

If you get an email telling you that you have been selected to receive money from Western Union or to go to Walmart and make a purchase and you will be reimbursed from Western Union etc....... RUN!

Another good indicator that the email is fraudulent is if the email is written in broken English or sounds very choppy.

Ignore the message! Do not respond! I am often getting emails telling me I have been chosen to win a million dollars or that I will be paid by Western Union to make purchases. I never follow up on these.

I do often get great emails telling me I have been chosen to get special survey invitations, coupons or maybe even that I won a prize.... however, these emails that tell you that you will be reimbursed by Western Union are never good.

If in doubt, check with the Better Business Bureau or

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