Friday, February 26, 2010

Trading for treasure

I almost always have a surplus of 'stuff' thanks to my coupons and bargain hunts. That means when I see family members - they really hit the jackpot. But what's fun is when they can trade from their surplus too.

Last weekend, my aunt gave us 5 bars of Johnson buddies soap and we gave her family Kotex pantiliners, toothpaste and bodywash. I got something that my kids love and they got stuff to save them money too. Win - win!

Next time you go see a family member of friend, consider taking a little 'hostess' or 'just because' gift from something that's on your stockpile shelf! I bet your gift will be a hit and you will get the satisfaction of knowing you have brightened someones day!

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Anonymous said...

totally agree.. i love being able to share my free things i have gotten!! alway nice to trade things too-- win -win for all!! your blog is amazing!! thanks for all the hard work you do to help us!