Saturday, February 27, 2010

Update on Sunday Newspaper....

After posting about why and how I buy my Sunday papers, Heather sent me this note:

"Here is how I get my Louisville paper for 99cents each Sunday, delivered to my house!!! Very convenient! Then if it's a really good week and I want another set of coupons I'll go to Speedway for an extra copy! Cheaper and more convenient!"

You can set it up to pay month by month recurring!

***I just signed up and it told me that my order was being processed. I'm crossing my fingers that my address will work for this awesome 50% deal!!! I'll let you know.

Thanks Heather!

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! I just tried this too, hope it works!!! Sure will save me a lot of hassle (and $$$) rushing to pick up the Louisville paper!!