Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentines Day Party for school? No problem - No $!

Last year I bought extra boxes of Valentines for .10 a box! That means I have a gallon size bag of Valentines for the kids to choose from.
  • Cards for each student in the class - $0 - FREE this year

It's always fun to add candy to the cards. My son thinks thats cool. No problem. After Christmas I bought extra bags of individual boxes of Nerds - with a coupon of course - on sale of course. They were FREE at Kroger.

  • Candy to attach to each card - $0 - FREE

I need to send cups for the class party. No problem. Last fall, I used a coupon to buy red cups (how convenient!). Then I used the receipt for those cups and received a $5.00 rebate 2 months ago.

  • Cups for class party - $0 - FREE

It is definitely worth it for me to plan ahead. Now class parties for Valentines Day don't have to cost a penny and I still get to have everything needed to make my son have a great party.

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