Saturday, February 27, 2010

Why I buy the Sunday paper

I usually do not suggest that you spend money just so you can save money. But my one exception every week is buying the Sunday newspaper. We subscribe to the Lexington Herald Leader Sunday edition only and have it delivered to our house every weekend ($8.00 per month). (If you buy it in the store, it costs $2.00 each week.) We also buy the local Danville paper ($1.50) and sometimes buy a Courier Journal (Louisville paper $2.00).

That means I spend almost $6.00 every week on newspapers.

Why is it worth it to spend $6.00 every week? First, my husband loves reading the Sunday papers. So he would probably buy the Sunday editions anyway. Second, I always save at least $6.00 (and usually way more than that) from the coupons I get in the papers.

If you are wanting to start couponing and saving money, I suggest that you buy at least one copy of your local paper each week so you will be able to do some of the deals that I list.

If you can't afford to buy the Sunday paper, then start talking to your neighbors and family. You may find someone who gets the Sunday paper that doesn't keep all the inserts.


Heather said...

Here is how I get my Louisville paper for 99cents each Sunday, delivered to my house!!! Very convenient! Then if it's a really good week and I want another set of coupons I'll go to Speedway for an extra copy!
Cheaper and more convenient!
You can set it up to pay month by month recurring!

DISCLAIMER: I had a friend in Stanford who tried this and it didn't work because they didn't deliver to Stanford, but in Danville it works! IT's worth a try or even a phone call to the CJ!

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