Friday, March 5, 2010

Costumes on a budget

Connor's 2nd grade program was last night. That means we've been working on costumes and props for several weeks. What's the cheapest way to find costumes and props?

Here's what worked this time around:
  1. Tell everyone you know what you are looking for. I found a coat for Francis Scott Key, a dress for Martha Washington and Betsy Ross just by asking random people I met.
  2. Look through what you already have - Marth W, Betsy R and George Washington are wearing 'hair' from my craft box (and I don't even craft!). White snow cloth from Christmas or quilt batting is working great! Francis Scott Key is wearing boots that I found in my kids costume box.
  3. Salvation Army/GoodWill are great places to find pieces. I found the coat for George W at Salvation Army in the ladies section for .99!
  4. We made the cannon out of cardboard then painted it with school paint.

I ended up spending $2.00 total for 5 costumes. I know the costumes may not win best costume at the big award shows, but they were a sure hit at the program last night!

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Anonymous said...

they looked so cute,Good Job mom.