Monday, March 15, 2010

Coupons from a Managers perspective

In the last 6 weeks I have spoken with managers from CVS and Rite Aid.  It's been enlightening to hear their perspective about our coupon use.  Here's the gist of the conversations.  

They love....
  • when we come to their store and use our coupons! 
  • when we smile and are pleasant while we shop and check out. 
  • when we are careful about making sure our coupons match the product we are purchase. 
  • when we are considerate of others waiting in line behind us. 
Here's what drives them nuts:
  • when we have 4 transactions and don't step aside for those waiting in line.
  • when we try to use a coupon that doesn't match the product.
  • when we get to the counter, can't find a coupon and make everyone wait while we look.
  • when we blame them for running out of an advertised special. 
And guess what the most interesting thing was about the conversations?  These managers use coupons too!

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