Monday, March 1, 2010

Don't be a 'whiny hiny" :-)

When our kids whine about something, my husband starts teasing them about being a 'whiny hiny' as a way of reminding them not to complain and whine.

I just signed up for the 'free' coupon for Nabisco cookies on Facebook. I can't believe how many people are 'whining' about the fact that the coupon expires in 3 days or that the printable coupon may or not have printed right for them.

Granted, 3 days for expiration is very very short and I may or may not have time to use it before it expires. And the coupon was a full page coupon so I may have wasted alot of ink. However, Nabisco didn't have to offer a coupon at all. I appreciate companies trying - even if their attempt is a little less than spectacular.

So next time a coupon or free offer doesn't work like I want it to........ I need to remember to not be a 'whiny hiny' and just appreciate the offers that are great. (And believe me, I'm sure not going to be posting on their facebook page how much I hate their offers! - What a bunch of whiny hinys! :-)

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