Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good toy.....Good price

If you have ever been shopping for toys with my kids, you have probably heard them say this: "We know Mom, We can only get the toy if it is a good toy and a good price!" This works for all toy shopping -from yard sales to Goodwill, Salvation Army or ToysRus. Even when they are with others, I've heard reports of them telling grandparents the same line.

We're working to teach our kids that just because they like a toy, it doesn't mean they can buy it. It has to be a quality toy for a good price.

Surely, you all do the same thing. But I thought I might as well make a quick note about it.

When the kids do good at the doctors office or we want to do something special for them out of the clear blue, it's fun to be able to drop by a store and know that we can look for a toy and not have to worry about them having a meltdown if we don't find a 'good toy' at a 'good price'.

You'd be amazed at all the good toys we've found for really 'good prices'. Or maybe you wouldn't be amazed...... because you're probably finding just as many great deals too!

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