Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My thoughts on coupons and saving money!

Welcome to new readers who are just now finding this blog! It's always so much fun to talk to you all when we're out and about in town or online.

Here's a couple thoughts in response to some of your questions and comments.
  1. I don't try to do all the deals. There's absolutely no way you can get in on all the deals. It's impossible - so don't even try. You'll go crazy.
  2. I don't spend much time cutting coupons. My life is too full to spend more than about 2-3 hours a week cutting and sorting coupons.
  3. If you are just starting out, pick 1 or 2 ways you can save money and just focus on that. I pretty much stick to CVS once a week, Kroger once a week and Walmart whenever there is a deal. I don't really like to go to Walmart unless I have a special need.
  4. I never spend money just so I can use a coupon. That doesn't even make sense - but I hear it as a regular complaint about coupon users. Why would I spend $2.00 on something just so I can save .55? Coupons are only a tool that I use to save money.
  5. I don't drive out of my way or make a special trip just to pick up a free item from a store. Again.....that doesn't make any sense either. But if I know I'm going to be driving right past a store where I don't usually shop, I will check to see if I have any free coupons for stuff there. That's why I sometimes have posts from other stores.
  6. My coupons and savings adventure allows me to give to others BUT I never spend money I can't afford and buy extra stuff just so I can give it away. I do 'coupons' to better my family and the bonus is the surplus I often end up with.

How long am I going to do 'super couponing' where I keep up with my big notebook and write this blog????? Easy answer - as long as I'm having fun!!!!!

So - have fun!

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